After Rent Reg expiration, tenants are still protected

HCR Commissioner Darryl Towns

With the expiration of New York State’s rent laws, Housing and Community Renewal Commissioner Darryl Towns assured New Yorkers that tenants in rent regulated housing will continue to be protected.

“While the rent laws have expired, negotiations in the state capitol are ongoing and are expected to be completed within the next few days,” said Commissioner Towns. “More than one million New Yorkers in rent-regulated housing are our highest priority.  New York State Homes and Community Renewal will be working diligently to ensure that tenants remain protected in this period.”

NYSHCR has established a 24-hour toll-free hotline (855-391-4526) to hear tenant complaints about illegal conduct by landlords.  In addition, complaints can be submitted via email by contacting

NYSHCR also reminds tenants that current written leases and the rent amount cited in those leases are in effect until their expiration date.   Tenants cannot be evicted without a court order.  

For additional information, please refer to NYSHCR’s website NYSHCR.ORG. 

FAQs Regarding Rent Law Expiration:

1. Who do the rent laws apply to?

If you are a rent controlled or rent stabilized tenant living outside ofNew York Cityor a NYC Rent Stabilized tenant who moved into your apartment after July 1, 1971, the expiration of the Rent Laws affects your tenancy.  (Rent-controlled tenants in New York City and rent-stabilized tenants in NYC who occupied their apartments prior to July 1, 1971 are subject to a different law and not affected by this expiration).

2. If I am affected by the expiration of Rent Laws what should I do?

It is expected that the lapse of the rent laws will be temporary.  During this time, the best thing to do is stay informed. Rent Stabilized tenants should have a lease or renewal lease currently in effect.  The terms of your lease, including rent, remain unchanged until the expiration of your lease.  You cannot be evicted from your apartment, or have your rent increased as a result of the rent regulations expiring. Landlords cannot evict you without a Court Order.  If your landlord seeks to evict you or raise your rent, you should contact HCR by calling (855) 391-4526. Tenants will also be able to send in complaints via email using  HCR will refer specific cases to the Attorney General for review.

3. If my owner has reduced my services, may I file a complaint during this time?

Tenants should file complaints if they experience service reductions by building owner or management. The HCR complaint forms, available at have complete instructions.

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