Missing child last seen in children’s services

The NYPD is seeking the public’s assistance locating a missing 12-year-old boy who resides in the Emergency Children’s Services building at 492 First Avenue.

The boy, identified as Nyschon Ellis, was last seen on July 27 at around 2 p.m., leaving from 1819 Bergen Street (The Brooklyn Children’s Center). Ellis is described as being 5’7” and weighing at around 130 lbs.

Anyone with information in regards to the missing boy is asked to call Crime Stoppers at 1-800-577-TIPS (8477) or submit tips by visiting www.nypdcrimestoppers.com.

Letters to the Editor (7/28)

Cyclists free to keep on bikin’

The following sign, posted by Stuy Town, and in plain sight of every Stuy Town tenant states: “No bicycle riding: Reckless Operation of a Bicycle on a Sidewalk—Section 19-176 (b) NYC Admin. Code.”
Based upon the above administration New York City code, the Stuyvesant Town security forces (The words “Public Safety” are in large letters on the backs of their uniform shirts) are not, not, not enforcing this sacrosanct directive! Continue reading

Letters to the Editor (7/21)

Enforcing the rules

Re: “Enforcing rules has helped improve quality of life in ST/PCV, says Rose,” T&V, July 7

Peter Cooper Road two weekends ago.

Mr. Rose’s propaganda on rule enforcement improving the community’s quality of life is worthy of comment.  Implying that rule enforcement has improved the dog situation, the article cites a new policy that bans dogs from certain areas of the property, such as the Oval, as if the new policy is an improvement.

In reality, the new policy significantly relaxes the old policy that prohibited walking dogs on all of the grassy areas in the community, including the grassy areas that surround almost all of the community’s buildings.  Irresponsible dog owners who walk their dogs to defecate and urinate on these grassy areas now have Rose’s blessing to do so to the detriment of those lawns and the quality of life of residents of the ground floor apartments. Continue reading

Week in Photos

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This week, Latin band Yerason bumped up the tempo in a Waterside Plaza concert; And another concert at Stuyvesant Cove Park; a Painters Union protests outside of Stuyvesant Town with the inflatable rat; and where does the “laughing” Elm tree at Gramercy Park get its sense of humor? Find all the stories in Town & Village newspaper.

Painters union protests outside of Stuy Town

By Sabina Mollot

Union workers protest outside of Stuyvesant Town

On Wednesday morning, about two dozen men from the painters union protested outside of Stuyvesant Town, accusing the owner of slashing salaries by 50 percent and hiring non-union workers.

Some of the reps were ST/PCV employees while others were just there to help protest, alongside the traditional inflatable rat. Continue reading

Pool and park sprinkler hours extended

Mayor Michael Bloomberg and Parks Commissioner Adrian Benepe announced today that the hours at NYC pools will be extended due to the extreme heat. Pools will close at 8 p.m. and be open from 10 a.m. to 8 p.,. on Saturday. These hours will take effect at all 54 pools across the city. Additionally, the 690 spray showers in the city’s parks and playgrounds will remain on  until 9 p.m. tonight and Saturday night. To find the pool nearest you call 311 or visit http://www.nyc.gov. Continue reading

Week in Pictures

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This week: a soccer tournament goes out with a bang in Stuyvesant Town, Kavanagh attends Community Day at Kips Bay Plaza, PSLL Minors District Team go far in the Memorial Day Tournament, Sarah Poppins NYC Explordinaire rates Tompkins Square Park among other playgrounds in the city, the community gets their fill of food and music at the World Music Fair in the Oval. Find full stories in Town & Village newspaper!

Letters to the Editor: July 14

Keep NAC apartments affordable

The following is an open letter to new National Arts Club President Dianne Bernhard and the club’s Board of Governors, following stories in Town & Village and its sister publication Real Estate Weekly on plans to rent vacant apartments at NAC at market rate prices.

The Concerned Artists and Members of The National Arts Club write to you and the Board of Governors in response to your recent statement in Real Estate Weekly announcing your intention to rent or sell club-owned apartments for the maximum prices obtainable in the NYC real estate market.  Continue reading

Photo essay: Stuyvesant Cove Park

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Besides the waterfront view and the various flora of Stuyvesant Cove Park, the hidden gems are the Monarch butterflies that appear in the park during the summer. New Yorkers don’t have to wait for the occasional butterfly tagging events held in the park to catch a glimpse of these orange and black wings, because according to park manager Daisy Hoyt, Stuyvesant Cove is a “way station” for the migrating Monarchs.

Photos by Heather Holland

Letters to the editor (6/30)

When a dog’s owner is its worst enemy

If the photo nearby doesn’ make you angry, you need either new glasses or a sensitivity upgrade. The poor animal in the picture has been tethered to a signpost in the full glare of a noonday sun, on a sidewalk that would fry bacon. The shadow near the dog is the edge of a huge, shaded expanse within which the owner could just as easily have tied the dog to any number of posts–or to the tree that’s providing the shade. Continue reading