Letters to the Editor (7/21)

Enforcing the rules

Re: “Enforcing rules has helped improve quality of life in ST/PCV, says Rose,” T&V, July 7

Peter Cooper Road two weekends ago.

Mr. Rose’s propaganda on rule enforcement improving the community’s quality of life is worthy of comment.  Implying that rule enforcement has improved the dog situation, the article cites a new policy that bans dogs from certain areas of the property, such as the Oval, as if the new policy is an improvement.

In reality, the new policy significantly relaxes the old policy that prohibited walking dogs on all of the grassy areas in the community, including the grassy areas that surround almost all of the community’s buildings.  Irresponsible dog owners who walk their dogs to defecate and urinate on these grassy areas now have Rose’s blessing to do so to the detriment of those lawns and the quality of life of residents of the ground floor apartments.

Mr. Rose, noting that many motorists ignored the Peter Cooper Road parking restrictions and parked for hours at a time, boasts that he has implemented a towing policy for violators.  Mr. Rose reports that instead of getting a ticket, offending motorists get towed.  But not all offending motorists are towed.  Residents parking overnight are towed; but if you are a security officer, nothing happens.

Likewise, the regular violation of parking rules by security employees in the 14th Street Loop, a private street with public access where Rose could not only tow but can also issue NYC parking tickets, continues unabated.  No surprise here; selective parking enforcement has long been a hallmark of the ST/PCV security team.

Mr. Rose also fails to speak to the improved quality of life that comes from having five garbage trucks (including three Budget rental trucks) parked, sometimes filled with garbage, on Peter Cooper Road overnight every weekday beginning around 4 p.m. and every weekend, all weekend long, beginning on Friday afternoon (see the attached photo for this past weekend).  Maybe the purpose of the towing policy was to make space for this improvement.

 Also, no comments from Mr. Rose regarding bicycle riding rules.  Those who traverse the community’s pedestrian paths, especially young children and the elderly, are regularly imperiled by delivery and other cyclist who regard our pathways as their personal velodrome.  Nor does Mr. Rose comment about operating golf carts and other limited use vehicles along the public perimeter sidewalk which, in my opinion, like riding a bicycle on the sidewalk, violates section 4-407 of NYC’s Traffic Rules and Regulations.

Also, I suspect we will never hear Mr. Rose’s thoughts on the effect on quality of life in the community of his firm’s role in the deregulation of apartments during their prior administration under MetLife, which the court declared in Roberts violated the law, and of their enforcement of CW’s current policies on rent increases in excess of the RGB guidelines for Roberts class rent stabilized residents, which the Roberts attorneys believe also violates the law.

James Roth, PCV

Bad behavior should have consequences

Re: “Enforcing rules has helped improve quality of life in ST/PCV, says Rose,” T&V, July 7

The attitude of Adam Rose, co-president, Rose Associates, speaking on ST/PCV quality of life issues, is either naïve or indicative of management’s shirking responsibility for enforcing rules.

The key to changing things is not “educating” residents to “respect their neighbors.” It’s about threatening them with summonses for bad behavior. That’s the only way to get The Entitled to behave.

This will require more stringent patrolling and investigation. Why, instead of circulating, are three or four security vehicles always sitting at the 14th Street and Avenue A corner? Get moving!

Name withheld, ST

Pols’ second homes are not a dirty secret

Re: “It Seems to Me” column by Chris Hagedorn in T&V’s July 14 issue, “Dirty little secret of politicians”

I am a lifelong Democrat. You are a lifelong Republican. In referring to the “dirty little secret” of politicians, you did not state your political affiliation and that your remarks may be colored by that fact.
The fact that members of Congress may have homes near D.C. so they don’t have to travel back to their home districts every day while in session, seems to be news to you. I suggest that you make some inquiries where Paul Ryan, Daniel Issa, and Michelle Bachmann live while the House is in session.

If it is a “dirty little secret,” then how did you find out? Are you pulling a “Murdoch” and tapping or hacking?

It’s not a secret, dirty or otherwise, but public knowledge. Is that that you find beneficial to comment on because they do not espouse your political beliefs? Are you only interested in pointing your pen at Democrats? You also manage to disparage the several Democrats who represent districts in Manhattan with a snide aside. My advice to you is to stick to the dogs in PCV and ST or the arts of Gramercy Park. Your political bias shows when you stray afield.

 Arthur Wolf, PCV

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