Letters to the Editor (7/28)

Cyclists free to keep on bikin’

The following sign, posted by Stuy Town, and in plain sight of every Stuy Town tenant states: “No bicycle riding: Reckless Operation of a Bicycle on a Sidewalk—Section 19-176 (b) NYC Admin. Code.”
Based upon the above administration New York City code, the Stuyvesant Town security forces (The words “Public Safety” are in large letters on the backs of their uniform shirts) are not, not, not enforcing this sacrosanct directive!

On three occasions, the following took place: Two security officers, standing alongside of their cruisers, watched a motorized bike come up on the sidewalk, that I called their attention to. Nothing done! Would you believe another bike rider, 10 feet away from their “public safety” officers, went cruising by them on his merry way.

I stated angrily, “What is going on with you guys?” They looked at me as if I was disturbing their talk fest!

On another occasion, a security officer, sitting in his cruiser, had a biker pass alongside of him on his merry way. I stated to him, “What’s going on?” No response. Here comes the best: Four cruisers at the 14th Street and Avenue A entrance had a biker riding by on the sidewalk opposite them. Nothing done. Me and three other Stuy Town tenants have gone over to the 13th Precinct with this information and it was stated that if a NYPD officer saw this, a $150 fine would be issued.
However, Stuy Town is wide open to all bikers as they come and go with no public safety officer doing his duty.

By the way. Owners with expandable “leashes” have let their leashes expand to 10 feet. That is four feet over the New York City code requirement of six feet maximum. This is a $250 fine. Expandable leashes must be banned. Surely the public safety officers are also blind to this “misdemeanor,” together with the biker “misdemeanor.”
Violating a city code requirement is a misdemeanor, in spades!

Louis Buffalano, ST

Re: Letter, “Enforcing the rules,” July 28

I agree wholeheartedly with everything Jim Roth said in his strenuous letter, with two exceptions.

First, it is definitively not a violation of the city’s traffic laws to ride bicycles around the Oval. ST/PCV is private property. If an owner or tenant of private property wishes to ride a bicycle on private property, city law does not prevent him or her from doing so. The State Supreme Court has actually ruled on this point.

Imagine a tenant of a house in Queens riding a bike on a track in her backyard. It would be absurd to think that such conduct violates the traffic laws.

Secondly, Jim should identify himself as a board member of the Tenants Association.

One may then question whether dwelling on issues like golf carts is productive – when so many critical issues are at stake. These include the long-term affordability of our community, dangerous underground toxins, bedbugs, and the many mice in our buildings, which carry disease.

Why does Rose not undertake a serious mice eradication effort? Why does the TA focus instead on bicycles?

Name withheld, ST

Re: Letter, “Enforcing the Rules,” T&V, July21

Over the years I have read the Town & Village religiously and have noticed 2-3 names who write quite a bit in the “Letters to the Editor” section. James Roth is one of them. I have read his complaints about everything from security, to recreation, dogs being allowed, bicycles, rent control etc. Never once have I read him say anything positive about this complex.

I have lived here for about 35 years. So have my parents and brother. Both my brother and I have kids one of which has a kid of his own who lives here. We all love this place.

Is it perfect? No, no place is. But this place is clean, safe, we have playgrounds for the kids, grass, trees, dogs, bicycles, security, young people, old people etc.

You seem to be a very sad person, who does nothing but complain about everything. Why don’t you move away to some place that you might actually enjoy living in?

It is still a free country.

Jim Altman, ST

Pssst… Wanna buy some Verizon FiOS?

 Re: “Who’s on First?”, T&V, July 14

I enjoyed reading that vacant storefronts along 1st Avenue will soon be viable retail enterprises. But by mentioning that Verizon FiOS left their storefront months ago you saved the best for last:

Verizon’s got FiOS guys on the street selling subscriptions no different than guys who sell fake Rolexes or knock-off bags. If you’re going to get a summons for buying a fake Rolex or knock-off bag then you should be double fined for buying FiOS off a flea market table now that they don’t pay rent.

Billy Sternberg, ST

One thought on “Letters to the Editor (7/28)

  1. To whom it may concern:

    A couple of days ago a bicycle delivery guy had a toddler caught between his wheels.The
    parents were so distraught they did not bother to detain the rider. I ran to the parents who
    were comforting the child and fortunately he was not hurt badly but frankly I was scared to
    death when I saw what happened.

    I then went and talked with a Supervisor of Public Safety. I complained that bicycle riders are
    quite reckless and I thought they were not supposed to ride around the Oval. There used to
    be “fences” put up to preclude same. I was informed that so many people complained to Rose
    Associates about their walks being broken up that Roses changed their policy.Now bikes are
    allowed and the fences are gone…

    This is a case of you can please some of the people some of the time, etc. You can not please
    all the people ever. So now the people who walk to exercise have overruled the bikes which can
    actually knock down and kill! Go figure…What about at least a speed limit??

    And have you seen those bikes that are motorized? Not talking about motercycles or Vespas — bikes.
    Saw one of them spinning around the Oval right after the toddler was knocked down. Now they really
    have no business on the Oval!

    Guess we will just have to “closeline” the bad guys but surely Public Safety does not want us to take
    matters into our own hands…also, we would probably go to jail!

    What’s the answer?? Kay Vota

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