Letters to the Editor (Aug.18)

Painters went the extra mile

Painters Union protest outside of Stuy Town leasing office. Photo by Heather Holland

A few months ago I had my apartment painted as I do every three or four years. I am meticulous about preparing the apartment for a painting but I could not get my three custom made shades out of the holdings. 

I reasoned that the painter would be able to yank them off (being a guy and probably stronger than me) so I left the apartment
with my rolled up, custom made, shades in place. The painter did not remove the shades.  He painted between the shades and the window area, leaving a streak of paint across the lower portion of each shade.

I have not yet replaced the shades, so if the head of the Painters’ Union wants to come and see them to use as ammunition against a tight-fisted management, he is welcomed to do so. The invitation extends also to any of the tight-fisted management personnel. They will also be invited to see and photograph the paint job done in the kitchen where the painter obviously did not understand that the lighter wall paint was not to encroach upon the black backsplash.

Compare my latest paint experience with the first one I had 17 years ago at Stuyvesant.  Again, I totally (or so I thought) prepared the apartment, but for some reason I did not think I had to remove the handles from the cabinets in the kitchen.  I was horrified to return home to a painted apartment and a kitchen where every handle had been removed by the painter. I felt terrible and apologized to the painter. He smiled and said ‘no problem.”

We are in awful economic times. Franklin Roosevelt invited unionism because he knew unions would drive up wages and increase spending power. He knew the “big guys” could afford to do it. It is no different today. We need money in the pockets of the lower and middle classes. The economy does not need, nor will it tolerate for long, this rush, by those who have the means, to deny fair wages to those who are just getting by.

A. de Souza, ST

Not all workers do the same kind of work

It is disingenuous and misleading for Stuyvesant Town management to state that they are just trying to bring painters’ salaries in line with other unionized workers’ salaries. Just because workers are unionized doesn’t mean they all do the same type of work, have the same skill level, etc. Of course there are significant variations in salaries.

Why is it management’s goal to bring every worker down to the lowest salary level? Why not bring the lowest paid workers up? The painters are already willing to accept cuts to pay and benefits. Rose Associates’ greed is disgraceful.

This move seems typical of what’s going on in our society right now. Financial institutions caused our economic crisis by making reckless decisions and misleading the public.  Why? Greed. Government regulations put in place to stop this from happening had been eased.  Who pays the price? Not the decision makers. Their already obscenely high salaries continue to grow while more and more workers lose their jobs and homes. Why is Rose Associates going in for the kill with these workers? Because they figure they can get away with it. And the number of New Yorkers who managed to create a dignified and stable working class and middle class life for themselves and their families shrinks just a little bit more.

Lisa Baum

‘No dogs’ signs are not working

I applaud and concur wholeheartedly with “The dog ‘experiment’ has failed” letter in last week’s issue. As you can see from the attached photo, management is attempting to stop bike riding in ST/PCV by invoking a NYC Admin. Code law. They should also be invoking, putting up signs and enforcing the NYC “curb your dog” law (NYC Health Code law 161.03 – Control of dogs and other animals to prevent nuisance) to compel dog owners to take their dogs to the streets to do their business instead of allowing dogs to go anywhere and everywhere on the property.

Additionally, contrary to popular opinion, dog urine is not a fertilizer and allowing dogs to urinate on trees, bushes, flowers and grass can kill or seriously damage them. While urine is rich in nitrogen – which plants require for leaf growth – urine is also rich in salt and salt sucks moisture from leaves and roots alike and kills beneficial soil microorganisms. After all the money that was and still is being spent here on plantings and their maintenance, it is incumbent upon management to take responsibility for the diminished quality of out door life on the property, due to the presence of dogs and their negligent owners, and do something about it.

Unfortunately, management’s new “no dogs anywhere around the Oval” policy is not working. From what I see every single day, either dog owners do not know about this policy or are openly flaunting it and management’s glaring non-enforcement of it means that nothing has changed. Despite management’s timid “dog-free zone” signs, dogs and their owners are still in evidence where they shouldn’t be and it will continue unless management takes action.

I also wholeheartedly agree that the “dogs allowed” policy needs to be abolished going forward. It has brought out nothing but the worst sense of entitlement and disrespectful behavior in too many of the dog owners.

Name withheld, ST

Palin on Standard & Poor’s

Reliable sources indicate that Gov. Sarah Palin called, “S & P a tool of the Communists or, Bolshevecks or one of those groups of socialist traitors.

“It was done by George Soros’ and his left wingers!

“The mistake that the Teapartiers made was not goin’ into default — to the max! The G. O. P. lamestremers should not have caved and instead paid attention to us true Americans — we Tea Party members.

“Remember two things: we are the U. S. A. and, we are God’s favorite country!”

She closed by asking if anyone would like to see her pageant dancing.

 David Chowes, PCV

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