An alert for ST/PCV from management on hurricane preparedness

The following notice was sent out earlier by Rose Associates to ST/PCV residents offering preparedness tips and property alerts for this weekend.

Hurricane Readiness Tips

The National Weather Service forecasts that the impacts of Hurricane Irene will reach the New York Metropolitan Area this weekend, bringing tropical storm or hurricane force conditions, heavy rain and strong winds. To prepare for these stormy conditions, it is recommended that you:

– Check supplies: Food and water is available, emergency supply kit is stocked, “go bag” is ready, cell phone is charged, and battery operated radio with extra batteries is handy.

– Check on friends and neighbors especially those who are elderly or have disabilities or special needs and require assistance with their preparation.

– Stay tuned to local radio and TV broadcasts for the latest information.

– Minimize your exposure to the outside elements. Stay inside.

– Find a safe place in your apartment:

– Close and lock all window

– Draw all shades. Close all blinds and drapes

– Place folded towels on window sills to absorb any leaking water

– Stay in your apartment in a room with few or no windows. Locate the nearest exit stairway.

– Determine a location outside of your building for members of your family to meet in the event you are asked to evacuate. Follow any mandatory evacuation procedures issued by the NYPD or any City, State or Federal agency.

For additional information call 311 or go

Property Information 

On Saturday, 27, 2011 and Sunday, August 28, 2011 the following protocols will be in effect:

 Medical Emergencies:

Call 911 and Call Public Safety at 212-598-5233 option #3 in the event of a medical emergency requiring special assistance.

Maintenance Emergencies:

Call Resident Services at 212-420-5000 to report a maintenance emergency.

 Event Cancellations: The Green Market

Facility ClosingsAugust 27, 2011

OVAL Fitness will close at 3pm and all Playgrounds will close at 4pm.

Facility ClosingsAugust 27-28, 2011

Oval Kids, Film, Lounge, Study, the Oval Lawn, and the Community Center will be closed this weekend, August 27th & 28th.


Hurricane Preparedness: Parking Garages

All of the property parking garages are located within the City’s designated flood zone. IMPARK, the parking garage operator, has been advised by the Mayor’s Office of Emergency Management that due to the City’s flood evacuation declaration, residents should move their cars off-site to an area outside the flood zone, as soon as possible. Vehicles should be moved from the garages no later than 4PM on Saturday, August 27th.

Call IMPARK at 212-614-5895 for further information.


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