Trunk room closings suspended While TA and Management negotiate

Management of Stuyvesant Town and Peter Cooper Village has suspended the October 1 and October 8 deadline for tenants to remove stored items from the Trunk Rooms in Stuyvesant Town and Peter Cooper Village, until further notice.

On Tuesday, the STPCV Tenants Association announced that Management of STPCV has suspended trunk room closings for the time being, in response to tenants objections. The October 1 and October 8 deadline for tenants to remove stored items from the trunk rooms will be pushed back until an agreement is made.

In August, after 21 buildings in Stuyvesant Town and 5 buildings in Peter Cooper Village were notified that trunk storage was being discontinued, many of the affected tenants filed Notice with Rose Associates, asserting that management is prohibited from discontinuing Trunk Room Services and that the loss of these trunk rooms constitutes a violation and a reduction of services under the Rent Stabilization Code.

Tenants should note that while management has posted notices which say that trunk retrieval deadlines “have been suspended”, the final resolution of this issue is still to be determined.  Pending resolution of this matter, it is possible that any trunks called up from storage may not be able to be returned.  We advise tenants to take no further action until this issue is conclusively resolved, and to email the Tenants Association at with any questions*. Those without email may contact us at 1 (866) 290-9036.

*Please do not use the email account for any other questions as we do not have the resources to answer them.  Instead, please use our contact form at

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