Bike signage causing confusion

Last month, Town & Village reported how the bike policy in Stuyvesant Town had changed to allow cyclists to ride on the grounds as long as they weren’t being reckless about it. Signage throughout ST/PCV has since been changed to reflect the easing of the decades-old no bike riding rule, though it hadn’t been followed or enforced for some time, anyway.

However, this week, one Stuyvesant Town resident, T&V’s Getting Organized columnist A.J. Miller, noted that a new sign in the Oval read, in large letters, “No Bicycle Riding.” Continue reading

Letters to the editor, Oct. 6

Grounds not looking better from over here

Re: Story, “Residents rate changes in ST/PCV,” T&V, Sept. 29

After reading this article in T&V, I’m trying to figure out where I live.  I originally thought I lived in PCV, but after reading this, I think I’m living elsewhere.

I assume the article is referring to the grounds in Stuyvesant Town and not Peter Cooper because when I leave my building, the front is a disgrace. On one side, no plantings. Did money run out?  Also, you can see the tire tracks of the vehicles going past on the grounds.  Continue reading