Bike signage causing confusion

Last month, Town & Village reported how the bike policy in Stuyvesant Town had changed to allow cyclists to ride on the grounds as long as they weren’t being reckless about it. Signage throughout ST/PCV has since been changed to reflect the easing of the decades-old no bike riding rule, though it hadn’t been followed or enforced for some time, anyway.

However, this week, one Stuyvesant Town resident, T&V’s Getting Organized columnist A.J. Miller, noted that a new sign in the Oval read, in large letters, “No Bicycle Riding.”

In much smaller letters on the bottom, it goes on to state, “Reckless operation of a bicycle on a sidewalk.”

Miller noted in an e-mail sent to ST/PCV management on Thursday that the sign was going to confuse a lot of people.

“Management has to do better than offer confusing solutions like this to problems,” she said. “The sign should say – in big red letters – NO RECKLESS BICYCLE RIDING. That might do the trick. This is only going to confuse bike riders and pedestrians alike. Tenants are already having heated arguments with each other about all kinds of issues on the property. Please do the right thing and have these signs redone so safe bike riders don’t get hassled. Otherwise, it is going to happen. Guaranteed.”

Rose Associates Co-President Adam Rose has since responded to say he agreed.

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