Letters to the editor, Oct. 6

Grounds not looking better from over here

Re: Story, “Residents rate changes in ST/PCV,” T&V, Sept. 29

After reading this article in T&V, I’m trying to figure out where I live.  I originally thought I lived in PCV, but after reading this, I think I’m living elsewhere.

I assume the article is referring to the grounds in Stuyvesant Town and not Peter Cooper because when I leave my building, the front is a disgrace. On one side, no plantings. Did money run out?  Also, you can see the tire tracks of the vehicles going past on the grounds. 

Going past the “water fountain” located adjacent to PC Road, I’m still trying to figure out what the water is coming out of because it certainly isn’t a fountain. It used to be.

Then there is the area surrounding the “fountain.”  Here too, it looks as if the money ran out and additionally, the area surrounding the benches, also looks like there was no money to finish the plantings.

Now, let’s talk about the dogs. There seems to be no rule as to where dog owners can walk their dogs. The dogs urinate and defecate on the lawns. While the owners do clean up the doggy do, there’s still the urine and I watch the children run barefooted where the dogs had previously done their business.

When I moved here in ‘86, I was disappointed in not being able to have a dog since I had one where I had previously lived.  In those days, MetLife owned the premises and I was a proud resident. One of the reasons was because the grounds were immaculate and kept so. No one was allowed on the lawns and it wouldn’t bother me if we went back to that. What’s the sense of seeding and re-seeding when the tenants walk on the lawns, etc. and kill the grass.

The recycling area is another bone of contention. Apparently the newer tenants don’t know that there’s a compacter to put their garbage down.  I’ve seen large white plastic bags forced into the garbage pail and can definitely see the pull-up diaper pants. Boxes from pizza are stuffed into the garbage pail for paper. And, let’s not talk about the plastic/metal garbage pail. They usually overflow. Of course, there’s the smell of the beer bottles and then there’s the food containers that haven’t been washed out. Just what does it take to make these tenants understand that we, or I, don’t live in a pig sty which they’ve made it. My poor porter seems to constantly be cleaning up the tenants’ mess.

In last week’s T&V, we were told that the tenants were going to be educated.  How do you spell that?

Finally, let’s deal with the laundry room. There has been a washing machine out of circulation for at least four weeks with a notice on it stating that it’s being replaced. Replaced in this century? 

Marcia Robinson,

3 Peter Cooper Road

The color of the shirt doesn’t matter…

It could be brown or even white, red, blue or…

 The behavior of the white shirt clad NYPD officers (the most experienced) at the Wall Street demonstration this past Saturday may be a harbinger of far more threatening things to come. In cities through out this nation, demographically mixed groups of people finally  had had enough and “weren’t going to take it anymore.” A peaceful  demonstration at Wall Street had been going on for a while – but, this past Saturday some of the elite members of the NYPD reacted in a horrendous way. E.g., a group of young women which subsequent videotape demonstrated that they were doing nothing unlawful = were pepper sprayed by an officer. What has happened to the First Amendment and ‘American exceptionalism’? What has occurred in many South American countries (Pinochet in Chile from about 1973 to 1990, in Argentina, Peru…) and in European nations in the thirties could happen here. Most Americans don’t know history – but most like movies and many love thrillers. See director Costa Gravas’ 1969 French film “Z” (yes, just one letter). It tells the story of the takeover of Greece by a military junta. It begins slowly… And then the action increases… This about two-hour film will give you the perception that it lasts for 45 minutes.

To the demonstrators: I strongly suggest you understand the power of nonviolence. You know – MLK and Gandhi.

David Chowes, PCV


Animals ruining ST… by neglecting pets

Re: Letter, “The dog experiment has failed,” T&V, Aug. 11

I too agree with the readers arguing that the dog “experiment” has failed. ST was never meant to include dogs in its apartment and Met knew why.

The apartments have no sound insulation whatsoever, we all can hear our neighbors next door or directly up or below our apartment sneeze, not to mention producing more intimate sounds. Who in their right mind would include dogs who naturally bark, and depending on their side, can sound like elephants thumping inside an apartment?

The common areas are cleaned to the best of the ability of people working there, but they cannot keep up with the maintenance needed when animals reside with people, especially when the people having the animals are not responsible adults.

If that was the case, I would not walk into an elevator at 14 Stuyvesant Oval at 10:45 last Saturday night where a dog had defecated that the owner had left there. In addition to being disgusting, that showed how neglected that dog must have been, closed in for so many hours that it had to resort to relieving itself in the elevator before making outside.

The greediness of the previous landlord, continued by the current one, to include dogs where they do not belong and their inability/unwillingness to enforce rules that should make life pleasant for all concerned has contributed to a non-stop bickering among residents.

The landlord must include a clause again in leases not allowing dogs. Naturally, all current residing dogs should be grandfathered, the last thing I would want would be hundreds of innocent animals becoming homeless because of irresponsible humans. However, as dogs die, current and new tenants should not be allowed to replace them. It is that simple.

Name withheld, ST

Greenway should be for walking

Re: Letter, “Support the East River Greenway project,” T&V, Sept. 29

Greenway yes, but for pedestrians only. That’s why for obvious reasons you’re not permitted to ride on the sidewalks.

Besides, there are already designated lanes on First and Second avenues, as well as East 20th Street Put it to a public referendum!

Clark Vogel

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