‘Ice pick’ robber pleads guilty

By Sabina Mollot

John Martinez

On Thursday, the man who robbed three women in Stuyvesant Town/Peter Cooper Village while threatening them with an ice pick last year pled guilty to those crimes as well as an attempt to do the same thing to another woman in Stuy Town.

“This defendant threatened safety and security of women and children in their own apartment buildings,” District Attorney Cy Vance said. “With this guilty plea, a dangerous criminal will be kept out of our neighborhoods.”

In the three robberies, John Martinez would follow his victims onto elevators and pull out an ice pick while demanding cash.

In one of the incidents, on December 2, 2010, he also threatened the three-year-old son of one of the women if she didn’t let him into her apartment for more money than the $80 she’d handed over. Fortunately, when they got to her floor, the woman and her son were able to get into the apartment without Martinez getting in as well. Continue reading

Letters to the editor, Nov. 10

Things ST/PCV residents don’t need

Photo by Sabina Mollot

Anyone who has lived in the ST/PCV communities for 11 years or more will remember that there was always a list of people hoping to get an apartment in ST/PCV.

Hundreds, if not thousands, waited patiently to get in or to transfer from one apartment to another to accommodate a growing family. (My name was on the list for more than 10 years before the coveted call came.) And they waited without any expectation of ever being able to sunbathe on the Oval, dine on food served out of a truck around the Oval, ice skate in one of the playgrounds or (and my apologies to my good neighbors and friends who are responsible dog owners) have a dog. Continue reading

Garodnick and STPCVTA write letters questioning legality of ice rink

Letter from City Council Member Dan Garodnick to the Chair of NYC Department of City Planning Amanda Burden, dated October 28.

Dear Chair Burden:

In recent months, Stuyvesant Town residents have seen an increase in the amount of commercial activity taking place within the Stuyvesant Town Oval, which is in an R7-2 zone. The Stuyvesant Town/Peter Cooper Village Tenants Association leadership has asked me to investigate whether any of these new activities are in violation of the area’s residential zoning.

With that in mind, I ask that you answer the following questions: Continue reading

Happy birthday…to us

This artwork by Edward C. Caswell, which graced the front page of the premiere issue of T&V, depicts the construction of Stuyvesant Town and Peter Cooper Village

Sixty-four years ago today, as World War II servicemen and women and their families were still moving into Stuyvesant Town/Peter Cooper Village, newsman Charles Hagedorn realized the new community would need a newspaper, and published the first issue of Town & Village on November 7, 1947.

Delivered to about 800 households, that first issue included local interest stories such as “First Baby Born in Stuyvesant,” “Edison Co. Plans to Eliminate Smoke Nuisance,” and “No Phones Til Early ’48, Says Phone Company.”

The paper, which has come out every Thursday since then, has steadily chronicled the events, both large and small, in the community, from tenants’ early battle to end segregation to more recent battles aimed at protecting stability and affordability.

Cat found by Con Ed

A cat was found on 16th Street and Avenue C

A calico cat, about a year old, has been found on 16 Street, Avenue C., the Con Ed side, on Friday. The cat is clean, but frightened. Anyone with info is asked to call 917-359-5032.

If no one claims her, the City Critters rescue group will get her vetted and scan for a microchip, and she will go up for adoption.

Met Life on the hook retroactively in Roberts

By Sabina Mollot

Lead plaintiff Amy Roberts in Stuyvesant Town, 2009

On Thursday, the Appellate Division of the Supreme Court said Met Life is on the hook retroactively in the Roberts v. Tishman Speyer case.

The unanimous decision, made by five judges in a brief document, essentially said that Met Life didn’t show that there was a new principle of law in the Court of Appeals’ 2009 decision.

Referring to other cases, the judges wrote, “the courts do sometimes engage in a tripartite analysis even after deciding that the case whose retroactivity is at issue did not establish a new rule of law,” but added in one case, the Court of Appeals rejected the defendant’s argument anyway that “our ‘conclusion should be applied prospectively only’ without further analysis.” Continue reading

Stuy Town Greenmarket to hold cooking demo with Chef Derby

Chef Francis Derby

In celebration of Meat Week NYC, Chef Francis Derby will be appearing at the Stuyvesant Town Greenmarket on Sunday, November 6, to demonstrate cooking with pasture-raised lamb and seasonal Greenmarket ingredients.

Chef Derby was Chef de Cuisine at Shorty’s, and focused on creating seasonal, market-driven menu offerings — and now you can learn how to cook seasonally too. The event will take place from 10 a.m.-1 p.m.

The Stuyvesant Town Greenmarket offers pasture raised lamb, pork and chicken fresh from the fields and woods of B&Y Farms in Spencer, NY in addition to free-range, hormone and antibiotic-free turkey from DiPaola Turkey Farms.  For more information on Meat Week NYC please visit http://meatweeknyc.com.