Letters to the editor, Nov. 10

Things ST/PCV residents don’t need

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Anyone who has lived in the ST/PCV communities for 11 years or more will remember that there was always a list of people hoping to get an apartment in ST/PCV.

Hundreds, if not thousands, waited patiently to get in or to transfer from one apartment to another to accommodate a growing family. (My name was on the list for more than 10 years before the coveted call came.) And they waited without any expectation of ever being able to sunbathe on the Oval, dine on food served out of a truck around the Oval, ice skate in one of the playgrounds or (and my apologies to my good neighbors and friends who are responsible dog owners) have a dog.

The Oval was the Oval, sans theater, lounge, farmers’ market, etc. That didn’t mean that we weren’t fit, didn’t see movies, or eat fresh vegetables. We just left the confines of the property for exercise, entertainment and edibles. There is, after all, a great big city out there not to mention other businesses that need our patronage if they are to survive. More often than not, the sounds coming from the Oval were the sounds of birds, a gurgling fountain and neighbors greeting neighbors.

So why did we all wait for years for our names to come up? We did it because this was a stable, affordable, and secure community filled with people who appreciated all of those features. Many got involved in various events and activities through their kids’ schools, their church, local political clubs, the community board, the local precinct, the Tenants Association and other associations, and in doing so they made a personal contribution of time and energy to maintain the overall good health, and dare I say, desirability, of not only ST/PCV but the larger neighborhood.

I am not opposed to change and amenities are all well and good, but at what cost? The constant flow of moving trucks in and out of our communities attests to the loss in stability. The need for pressurized walls to add an additional bedroom to so many apartments attests to the loss of affordability. And most would agree that the security and maintenance teams have been greatly diminished.
Never has there ever been a more blatant disregard for the idea “If it isn’t broke, don’t fix it.” Need proof?

Here are a few more things that this community didn’t have and didn’t need: brokers to rent the apartments, advertising and flat screen TVs and American Express gift cards as incentives to attract new tenants.
So I would say that the skating rink is just one of many things this community didn’t have and doesn’t need.

Jo-Ann Polise, ST

Tenants should have say in use of Oval

The October 27th edition of T&V was the first I read about the ice rink in playground 10. What is Rose Associates thinking?

The first question I have is where is the money coming from to build the rink and is CW Capital just giving carte blanche to Rose Associates to do whatever they want? Shouldn’t these kinds of plans be voted on by the tenants?
Rose Associates was a disaster during their first time as managers of the complexes, which included the removal of the chain link fences, opening up the Oval for sun bathing so it looks like Coney Island on the weekends. Now in their second period as manager we have food carts and they are unable to resolve the dog issue with their namby-pamby “no dogs on the lawn” signs in some areas but not all and it goes on. Let’s not get started on their new landscape person. There are more plain dirt areas all over the place.

Name withheld, ST

Management’s response to ice rink concerns unacceptable, says Tenants Association

The following is a letter from the ST-PCV Tenants Association in response to a letter from Adam Rose of Rose Associates to Council Member Dan Garodnick regarding tenants’ ice rink concerns.

Dear Mr. Rose,
I am writing on behalf of the Stuyvesant Town Peter Cooper Village Tenants Association (“STPCVTA”) to express its keen disappointment with your response to Council Member Garodnick regarding the ice skating rink being installed in Playground 10. Your response and its failure to address the genuine issues are unacceptable.

Living next to an ice skating rink, which will have music until 8 p.m. and which will subject nearby residents to the noise of the mechanical equipment required to operate the rink, is not the equivalent of living next to a basketball court or children’s playground. The qualitative differences are obvious and your failure to recognize that demonstrates a complete lack of sensitivity for the concerns of the residents of buildings bordering the rink. We have the same concerns as Council Member Garodnick regarding the imposition of a fee for use of recreational space, which is an unprecedented diminution of access to such space, even on a temporary basis.

We are also concerned that some of the electrical lines that appear to support the operation of the rink are strung between the trees from a lamppost and others running from the buildings across the pedestrian pathway to the rink, present potential safety risks. The storage of large drums of chemical coolant on the site is also of concern.

Esthetically, the massive tent that has been erected on the south side of playground can only be described as an eyesore.
The STPCV TA intends to closely monitor the operation to ensure that it is operated in a manner that respects the right of community residents to the peaceful enjoyment of their homes and that the rink, including its accompanying café, operates in full compliance with all applicable laws and regulations, including the Zoning Resolution. The Association urges you and CW Capital to seriously consider the many reasonable concerns and objections of tenants regarding this facility.
Alvin Doyle,

President ST/PCV TA

From someone who’s been at Zuccotti…

Re: Letter, “Unfortunately Obama will win again,” T&V, Oct. 20, by Jim Altman
Here he goes again! The fortunate immigrant, who first lived under communism and then socialism in Hungary, is a “make a lot of money,” anti-FDR and Lyndon Johnson’s great American society, which provides for the less fortunate Americans, in providing them with all great democratic entitlements.
Having been at “Occupy Wall Street,” Zuccotti Park seven times as 99 percent, the immigrant slanders the 99 percnt as follows.

“We have idiots like the protesters downtown.,” “One third homeless,” “professional protesters,” “two third trust fund babies.”

With such exact figures, I challenge this immigrant to substantiate this.

Who are the idiots besides me? Based upon my seven visits, they are: Ten rabbinical students with the palm vine and a lemon colored fruit (during Sukkot). A man with his yarmulke, wife and children. There were whites, blacks, Asians, Hindus, Hispanics, Muslims, Jews, Chinese, Pakistanis, South Americans, Native Americans (their sign: “American Indian Holocaust”), and all types of U.S. citizens: immigrants and natural born. A beautiful diversity. Old and young together. Would you believe… Stock brokers. Also, Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, Alec Baldwin, Susan Sarandon, priests.
All idiots?

“Occupy Wall Street” is all over the world! Three hundred thousand Israeli youths came out for economic justice. Greece is in a revolution, with this austerity evil strategy. The immigrant has shown his true beliefs, with his “Mein Kamf” 450-word anti-American, hallucinatory Goebbels propaganda degenerate column.
The U.S. of A.’s “Arab Spring” has just begun. In spades!

Louis Buffalano, ST

2 thoughts on “Letters to the editor, Nov. 10

  1. Dear Mr. Rose,
    In your 11/7 letter to Councilman Garodnick you assured him that “We will do everything possible to minimize the disturbance that may be caused by the ice rink to the buildings that surround it.” So when does that kick in? It sure wasn’t last night.

    We live directly across from the ice rink and there has been a compressor loudly running since 3 p.m. yesterday. Even with all the windows in our apartment closed, it is so noisy no one in our household could sleep. For me, this is really problematic because I am recovering from surgery and rest is essential.

    Putting aside environmental issues of the energy required to run an ice rink, if you wanted a “Winter Wonderland,” why didn’t you wait until winter to create it? According to my calendar, that’s December 22nd. Running a compressor to create ice when the temperature is in the 60s is ridiculous, wasteful, and means it will be chugging non-stop per workers on the rink.

    Please advise as to how you’ll be mitigating this noise in the meantime. And we would be more than happy to invite you to sleepover here and experience this “amenity” for yourself. We’re always up.

    • Update: In response to the letter above, which I also emailed to Adam Rose, I received two emails directly from Mr. Rose He apologized for the loud overnight compressor noise and instructed workers to find a way to curtail it. He also had his assistant call me, in response to a phone message I’d left and thank me for alerting him to the problem. The noise continued for awhile but was stopped on Thursday night. Other reports, which I did not witness myself, said police came and forced the machine to be turned off.

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