One thought on “Photos: Stuyvesant Town holds grand opening of ice rink

  1. On opening day there were several violations of the posted Department of Buildings Temporary Place of Assembly Permit. There was no occupancy sign posted, as required by the permit. The entrance guard did not have a count clicker to determine when the 200 person legal occupancy limit had been reached and, on Saturday, the rink was well over the 200 person limit imposed by the permit. Additionally, there was no fire guard at the entrance, as required by the permit. And they were not checking to see that only tenants and their guests were entering the rink, which violates the accessory use zoning of the rink. It remains to be seen whether or not Management intends to bring itself into full, legal compliance or whether it will continue to blatantly ignore several of the terms of their permit. I hope for the former, but, given Management’s penchant for doing whatever it’s feels like here, I fear the latter.

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