Letters to the editor, Dec. 15

Anyone see a Christmas tree around here?

Re: Letter, “Anyone see a menorah around here?” T&V, Dec. 1
Last week Ms. Susan Schoenbaum wrote to comment on how the Stuyvesant Town menorah seemed small compared to the large Christmas tree and related Christmas decorations. While Chanukah and Christmas are both joyful celebrations that deserve recognition a difference in scale is to be expected given the large number of people celebrating Christmas in relation to Chanukah and that Christmas is a major Christian holiday while Chanukah is not a high holy day.  But sadly when Ms. Schoenbaum discusses the Stuyvesant Town Christmas tree and Christmas decorations she is mistaken.

For inexplicable reasons Rose Associates, the Stuyvesant Town management company, censors Christmas. If you check the websites, brochures, marketing, etc. there is only mention of a “Tree” and a “Tree lighting ceremony” and “holiday” decorations. In the Oval “holiday trees” are for sale.  There is no longer a nativity scene to be found. Apparently to avoid offending people who are intolerant of Christian holidays, the word “Christmas” is verboten. Continue reading

Sanitation seeks laborers for coming snow season

Sanitation Commissioner John J. Doherty today reminded New Yorkers that the Department of Sanitation is continuing to register emergency snow laborers who can be called upon to remove snow and ice citywide from bus stops, crosswalks, and from step streets in sections of the City after heavy snowfalls.  Step streets are sets of stairwells located between avenues to connect streets that have a significant height differential.  The rate of pay begins at $12 per hour and increases to $18 per hour, after completing the first 40 hours, each pay week.

“While most snow removal duties citywide are handled by the dedicated men and women of the Sanitation Department, emergency snow laborers are a vital part of our supplemental snow-fighting efforts in major snowfalls,” said Commissioner Doherty. Continue reading