Letters to the editor, Jan. 5

‘Rand’ing and raving

In T&V, David Chowes’ strange description of Ayn Rands philosophies (The Soapbox column, “Ayn Rants,” Dec. 8, 2011) as “totalitarian” stands truth on its head. In the process he also refers to two of Rand’s books, Fountainhead and Atlas Shrugged, but I find it hard to believe he’s read either title.

Ayn Rand [who escaped a totalitarian communist Russia] was commited, above all, to the maximum rights and freedoms of the individual. The usual criticism of Rand’s philosophies center on her purist opposition to any state interference in the lives of individual citizens. That explains why she is regarded as one of the founders of Libertarianism. Totalitarian societies are the exact opposite of such anti statist philosophies. Instead, they demand that all individuals subsume their ideas and ambitions to the demands of the state, by extreme violent repression if necessary. Continue reading