Placard in car parked in ST compares Obama to Hitler

By Sabina Mollot

Placard found in a car in Stuyvesant Town.

“The Obama youth is coming for your children.”

That was the message written on a placard, the words surrounded on both sides with swastikas, that was placed in a car parked in Stuyvesant Town this week.

The dark blue car that had the sign in the windshield is often seen parked in the 20th Street Loop, according to one neighbor, though no one seemed to know who it belonged to when a T&V reporter asked on Monday.

However, once residents took a look at the placard, none thought highly of its message.

The statement, though not completely understood by onlookers, did include an obvious reference to Hitler youth.

“That really creeps me out,” said Mary Jane Higgins, who’d been walking nearby with her children. “It’s horrible and disturbing. I hope there aren’t more of these stickers out there.”

While the message in the placard may not have been aimed at Jews, residents interviewed said they thought Jewish people would still be offended by it. Then there was the fact that Monday was a national holiday in honor of slain civil rights leader Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Basil Vasiliu said he wasn’t sure if it bordered “on the edge” of being illegal or just something that “shows a lot of ignorance.”

While checking it out, he said, “It’s not a hate crime, but it’s not good at all. There are a lot of angry people and they’re really directing it at the wrong person. They’re trying to say the government is becoming a fascist state, but why direct it at the president? This is definitely a symbol of hatred.”

Car in Stuyvesant Town bearing swastikas. Photo by Sabina Mollot

Irish native Joe Buggy and Christina Buggy, who’s from South Carolina, both said they thought it was just a political statement, but an inappropriate one.

“I suppose it’s some far-right wing lunatic,” said Joe. “There’s a minority of people who say that Obama’s a Socialist and he’s going to take your guns away. (That’s why) at the Republican debate, they have to appeal to a core of people with conservative values.”
Christina said she thought it was an example of how politics in this country have become very extreme.

“There are extreme liberals and extreme conservatives and people are not finding the middle ground,” she said. “I like the idea of free speech, but this is a bit much.

“I don’t like seeing it,” she added.

The car also had a bumper sticker that read: “I don’t believe the liberal media,” though the part with the letters “al media” was ripped off, and a “P.O.W./M.I.A.” placard was on a side window.
The swastika placard sighting follows an incident over the weekend in which swastikas and the words “Die Jews” were spray painted on buildings in Brooklyn.

This fact wasn’t lost on another neighborhood resident, who said what he wanted to know was, “What’s the message, other than hate?”
The man, who’s Jewish, added, “With what’s going on with swastika paintings and fire bombings recently in the New York area, this sort of thing is real scary right here at home. And if scary isn’t enough, it’s stupid.”

Editor’s note: The editorial staff of Town & Village asks that anyone who sees anything similar in the neighborhood (political signs that involve nazi symbols) to let us know by calling (212) 777-6611 x104 or x102.

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  1. That’s disgusting. Totally unacceptable and vile. Whoever put that placard there is a sorry-assed and sordid excuse for a human being.

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