Letters to the editor, Jan. 19

Stuy Town greenmarket should remain as is

Re: Letter, “Issue is zoning, not zucchini,” T&V, Jan. 5
A letter writer incorrectly and selectively quoted (Department of City Planning) Director Burden’s letter to Mr. Garodnick in an effort to bolster the argument that fresh fruits and vegetables should be eradicated from Stuyvesant Town. The writer unfairly misleads the public.

It is true that Director Burden wrote that “open commercial use” is not permitted (page 2); however, she also wrote that commercial activities are fully permissible when they are “primarily restricted to residents and their guests” (page 1.) She specifically wrote that “accessory agricultural providers would not be prohibited.”

Thus, a greenmarket is in compliance if it is for residents – which it already is.  It would be a simple matter to place a sign at the market to say “this greenmarket is primarily restricted to residents and their guests.”   That’s all it takes.  There is no need to end it or move the market. Continue reading