Missing man found

David Hollister, 72, was found in good physical condition.

A 72-year-old man who went missing yesterday at around 3:45 p.m.,  within the confines of the 13th Precinct, was located by NYPD Transit Police today.

David Hollister, who is known to frequent local coffee shops in the neighborhood, was last seen at his residence at 10 East 16th Street on Wednesday, January 25, and was found in good physical condition the next day.

Letters to the editor, Jan. 26

Greenmarket is a business

A fall afternoon in Stuy Town greenmarket.

I am the writer of the letter that the “Stuy Town greenmarket should remain as is” letter writer responded to last week. To say that I selectively quoted the letter from the Department of City Planning’s Director, Amanda Burden, is simply incorrect and misleading. I quoted exactly what Director Burden said specifically about greenmarkets, which is – and I quote – that “greenmarkets that operate as an open commercial use would be prohibited on residentially zoned portions of the site.”

I don’t know how Director Burden could have been any clearer about the illegality of the current location of ST/PCV’s greenmarket. It’s a commercial enterprise operating on a residentially zoned area of Stuyvesant Town, which makes it illegal in its present location. Period. Continue reading

Guterman launches website to outline ST/PCV conversion plan

Image taken from Guterman's new site, http://www.stpcvfacts.org

As he promised in an article in Town & Village published two weeks ago, developer Gerald Guterman of Guterman Westwood Partners has launched a website aimed at explaining his plan to convert Stuyvesant Town/Peter Cooper Village into co-ops.

The website (www.stpcvfacts.org) is going to be interactive, with residents encouraged to send in questions that can be answered by GWP, and if the tenants give their permission, posted online with the answers. Continue reading