Letters to the editor, Feb. 9

Hoping this isn’t the last of the ice rink

Photo by Sabina Mollot

Re: “City warms up to ST ice rink,” story, T&V, Feb. 2
In the recent issue about the ice skating rink in the Oval, a resident complained about a possible permit violation on the site because “…there have been no fire marshals on site, which was part of the terms of a permit issued.”

I realize there are two sides to every argument, but do you really want to deny people the chance for honest fun, effective forms of exercise, and a pleasant change of scenery in the normally bland post-Christmas, pre-summer months because of something that benign?
This is fire on water we might be dealing with, not fire on wooden buildings on a dry night in Chicago, 1871. If you don’t think a fire would be swiftly handled, please, let me introduce you to the cell phone, 911, and a company of Fire Firefighters on East 14th and First Avenue, about a minute away.

First, let me state my unequivocal support for the ice rink. The only flaw, in my eyes, is that it could be cheaper for residents, though they do give free hours, which my family enjoys. I love the ice rink. Not only have I spoken proudly about it to friends, and enjoyed the views, but many others, including seniors have as well and I see scores of other families enjoying the rink every day. But they aren’t the only ones to benefit from its presence.

My father especially has really enjoyed it and helped him re-ignite his passion for skating (perhaps as close as any city father can get to skating on frozen lakes during childhood). It has also helped him meet new neighbors. And while the benefits of Oval Amenities are still a mystery to us, it has been a great way for him, and our family, to find something new to love in Stuy Town. Continue reading