Man killed by bus on East 23rd Street

On Thursday evening, a 21-year-old man was fatally struck by an MTA bus at East 23rd Street, between Broadway and Madison Avenues.

The pedestrian, identified as Amos Veloz of 86 Fort Washington Ave., was hit by the bus as it drove east and he was crossing the street, heading south, police said. When police arrived, they said Veloz was unresponsive and unconscious. EMS pronounced him dead at the scene.

There is no criminality suspected at this time, and the family has been notified.

One thought on “Man killed by bus on East 23rd Street

  1. Well, this is quite troubling…we have had issues in our Community on almost all of our
    Crossings. I, for one, am very grateful for the progress that has been made at at least
    two Crossings. On 20th Street, after Ester Levine was killed by an offduty bus going West
    and making a turn on First Avenue, a lot of changes were made to make that intersection
    safer– closing off part of the Service Road on First Avenue and creating a little Park Area
    that made it safer for those crossing, plus extending the time allowed to cross the Street.

    Sure, it may slow down traffic a bit but is it not better to save lives.

    Also, I am grateful for the light and the walk/don’t walk signs that now exist at 18th Street
    coming off the FDR Drive at Avenue C. Hope everyone is aware how much safer it is
    to go to Stuyvesant Cove Park because of this improvement. Honestly, I used to have to
    hold up my arms and stop traffic there just to cross the street. A lot of folks were afraid
    to go to the Park.

    We have had deaths at 14th Street and now 23rd…so sad. Accidents happen but certainly
    buses must try to be more vigilant and people on foot, including me, must be more careful.

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