Letters to the editor, Mar. 29

Playing nice in conversion conversation

Re: Letters, “Guterman plan deserves a chance,” “Guterman ad is divisive,” T&V, Mar. 22

I read with interest both letters to the editor this past week and agree with the person who says that Guterman’s advertising is divisive and misinformed. I am siding with the choices that our Tenants Association has made, not because I occasionally volunteer for the association, but rather because the board seems to have done its homework with researching the issues of condominium vs. cooperative ownership. We ought to trust their conclusions.

We can all learn how they reached them by watching the video the TA just released on this subject or reading the article it published recently in this newspaper. It seems to me that those who support Guterman’s plan are motivated by greed. I choose my community of neighbors instead.

We have accomplished a lot as a community by acting in a united manner.  It is not possible for each of us to weigh in on the decision (of condo vs. co-op). Rather, we can impact decisions through the electoral process, which has just been announced for this year. Anyone who disagrees with the actions of the TA board can and should run against it. I suspect they will find that most tenants support the current board but critics cannot know that unless they express their own views through the election process.

Finally, name calling and insults have no place even when directed at people we strongly disagree with. After all, if one can lower himself/herself to that level with regards to Guterman, what’s to stop them from doing the same when responding to my letter? I certainly wouldn’t want to own a place in a community where civil discourse has evaporated.

Lastly, people, please assume your position and sign your letters.  Where’s the credibility with “Name withheld?”

Alain Montour, PCV Continue reading