Letters to the editor, Apr. 5

Three points on 3 recent letters

This is response to three of the letters to the editor in the paper (Mar. 29 edition):
In response to Alain Montour’s “Playing nice in conversion conversation”:

How come no one is talking/discussing how you can trust the Tenants Association. Alain Montour says that “the tenants Association has done its homework; we ought to trust their conclusion.” Really!? This is the same Association who almost paid $4.6 billion to buy this property the same time Tishman purchased it. Should they have had the winning bid they would have gone under much sooner than Tishman did. Is this the Association you want handling the financial future of this complex? I think not.

In response to Dave Hensley’s “The Post with the most…. problems, that is”:

I have lived in this complex for 34 years. I have always received my packages, never had any lost mail; it always comes on time. I am not understanding Mr. Hensley’s “a Post Office that doesn’t deliver packages.” Both the individual mail person and mail trucks deliver hundreds of packages on an everyday basis. Both my previous mail carrier (who retired after 27 years a couple of years back) and the new one are great. I am very happy with the mail service in this complex and have very rarely heard any complaints. Continue reading