Letters to the editor, Apr. 5

Three points on 3 recent letters

This is response to three of the letters to the editor in the paper (Mar. 29 edition):
In response to Alain Montour’s “Playing nice in conversion conversation”:

How come no one is talking/discussing how you can trust the Tenants Association. Alain Montour says that “the tenants Association has done its homework; we ought to trust their conclusion.” Really!? This is the same Association who almost paid $4.6 billion to buy this property the same time Tishman purchased it. Should they have had the winning bid they would have gone under much sooner than Tishman did. Is this the Association you want handling the financial future of this complex? I think not.

In response to Dave Hensley’s “The Post with the most…. problems, that is”:

I have lived in this complex for 34 years. I have always received my packages, never had any lost mail; it always comes on time. I am not understanding Mr. Hensley’s “a Post Office that doesn’t deliver packages.” Both the individual mail person and mail trucks deliver hundreds of packages on an everyday basis. Both my previous mail carrier (who retired after 27 years a couple of years back) and the new one are great. I am very happy with the mail service in this complex and have very rarely heard any complaints.

In response to J. Sicoransa’s “Bishops’ claims sound like politics”
As a Catholic, I am offended that the only religion that is always under attack is Catholicism. It is called “Dark Age’s Thinking” according to Steve Sanders.

When Jews go to temple to pray and the women are required to sit in the back rows or upstairs, I guess it is very progressive. The Muslim religion, which forces the women to wear a veil so you can only see their eyes is not old fashioned at all. But Catholicism, which has the same beliefs for hundreds of years, has Dark Age thinking.

As for Obama’s compromise, it is not supported by this Catholic or any other Catholic that I know. Let’s also hope the Supreme Court overturns Obamacare!

Jim Altman, ST

Abstinence… makes the heart grow fonder

Re: Letter, “Government’s contribution to the Church, T& V, Mar 22

To the Editor,
Contraception conflicts with one of the divine purposes of marriage – openness to new life. The latest birth control drugs now include post-conceptive extinctions of new life… abortofaciants.

Periodic abstinence from intercourse builds moral character within the bounds of marriage, just as does disciplined fasting from food and curbing of other sense appetites (assuming that a high moral sense is desirable in a citizen). Isn’t it a truism that absence makes the heart grow fonder? But by avoiding moral constraints, contraceptives encourage sexual license – as the temper of the times clearly testifies to.

The alleged “death sentence” to abortion or starvation, or a criminal lifestyle alternative, is first enabled when the parents decide to ignore the possible results and future responsibilities of their physical union. With the choice of abortion, the pre-born’s right to life, liberty and pursuit of happiness is extinguished by placing their own lifestyle desires above the rights of the new life they created.

We now have universal access to contraception and sixth-grade sex education. How has this liberal dream of a libertine lifestyle turned out in the last 40 years?

OK, let’s ignore moral standards and just argue dollars and cents. What goes on in all those tax-exempt Church properties?

The preaching of obedience to lawful authority, the education of children to a life of virtue, the operation of many social and health-care support agencies… all at little cost to the taxpayer.
Let’s close these facilities down, and let them be run by the state – renowned for its inefficient bureaucracy and cost over-runs. To modern eyes, what fools must have been our founding fathers, who recognized the importance of moral fiber in the citizenry! A one-sided argument, indeed, to blindly say that non-Catholics subsidize what they don’t subscribe to. What of the government’s mega-dollar grants now to Planned Parenthood abortuaries and forced support of contraception and silent abortion drugs via the HHS employer insurance mandate? And much more to come, through Obamabortocare?

The state is now imposing its secular will on the Church by violating the First Amendment, which forbids any law that prohibits the free exercise of religion.

To Anne Frank’s view of hope and life, we add: And frankly, “Where there’s no life, there’s no hope.”

Robert Bennett, ST

Request for healthcare equality

Re: Maloney’s district will include Brooklyn,” T&V, Mar. 29

I’m always pleased to learn of Congresswoman Maloney’s activities in our district. However, upon receiving her occasional reports to constituents I usually respond (to her email address which is given) where I say:  “Dear Congresswoman Maloney, thanks for the update but I have requested on a number of occasions that you propose an amendment to the health law where we the people have the same healthcare and medical coverage that you and all members of Congress have for you and your family. Nothing more, nothing less.”

I never get an answer.  Do we need to start a movement for a citizens’ referendum?

Dominick J. Porto, GP

The power of comedy

I have heard many journalists comment that broadcast news has deteriorated since the days of “the most trusted man in America” on CBS, Huntley and Brinkley (NBC), Peter Jennings (ABC)…

It is said that now “the kids” get most of their national news from comedy programs like Jon Stewart’s “The Daily Show,” “The Colbert Report.” Of course straight unbiased newscasts (I prefer “The PBS Newshour”) are important.

Stewart and Colbert are presented on the Comedy Channel (TW, Ch. 45) and using humor as a vehicle, they comment on both domestic politics and the state of the world. A person or situation is presented in an exaggerated manner – but watch their shows carefully – because what they say (when fully appreciated) is usually on target. And, as they “go to the videotape” their positions are usually documented.

Humorists who wish to be critical are using satire to make their points.

This approach emanates for many years: Jonathon Swift, Mark Twain, (the late) George Carlin…Yes, read about the news so our precious democracy mandates an informed electorate. Stewart, Colbert, et al complement the straight news to uncover the ubiquitous lies and hypocrisy. They are serving a vital purpose.

David Chowes, PCV

2 thoughts on “Letters to the editor, Apr. 5

  1. Re: Three Points….re:Conversion. About the TA: Yes, this certainly is the point that has been made repeatedly at my site: http://www.pcvstconversionforum.blogspot.com/. I’m very troubled that the recommendation is supported by a group of advisers who stand to benefit substantially by the choice made. If I were such an adviser, why would I want to support a sponsor who wasn’t likely to choose me to do the legal or financial work? I’m not saying this is what motivated the advisers. I am saying that this situation, the way in which things have been handled leaves room for many of us to have considerable doubt.

  2. To Mr. Bennett: Pretty sermon, but it doesn’t alter the fact that the church should not be exempt from the law nor above the law. I wish Mr. Dolan would get as bent out of shape at the systemic, institutionalized pedophilia and the covering up of this most grievous sin that has been so much a part of the fabric of his church as he does about his insurers (self-funded or not) providing prescription birth control to the female employees of his church when they request it. Unfortunately, he threw a hissy fit when the statute of limitations of the victims of his “holy” bretheren was recently extended because it would cost the church money! I wonder where I read or heard this: “But he that shall scandalize one of these little ones that believe in me, it were better for him that a millstone should be hanged about his neck, and that he should be drowned in the depth of the sea?” There’s sure gonna be a lot of cardinals, priests and popes littering the ocean bed with millstones anchoring them down.

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