Upcoming Rent Reform campaign events this month

The Real Rent Reform campaign is gearing up for some major actions with the following upcoming events this month:

Monday, April 16- RGB reform press release, 11a.m., City Hall.
Brian Kavanagh, Daniel Squadron and Christine Quinn will be gathering on the steps of City Hall to host a press conference in support of our RGB reform bill, A06394/S0741.  The bill would give the City Council advice and consent powers in RGB appointments, expand the qualifications for public members, and allow board members of tenant organizations to serve on the RGB. Join in, and bring rent regulated tenants!

Wednesday, April 18- Housing Committee vote and press conference on R3 priority bills
The Housing Committee will vote on several R3 priority bills: preferential rent reform, RGB reform, MCI reform, rent control reform, owner use reform, and reducing the vacancy bonus.  Let’s send a van full of tenants to Albany to show legislators that we are putting our weight behind these bills. Vans will be leaving from Tenants & Neighbors’ offices, 236 W. 27th St., at 8 a.m., and returning by the early evening.

Friday, April 20- Rent control action, Goddard Riverside, 11:30 a.m.
Many rent controlled tenants, most of them seniors on fixed incomes, have suffered with 7.5 percent rent increases year after year, and are being priced out of their apartments.  Rent Controlled members of Tenants & Neighbors will be staging a press conference and street theater action at Goddard Riverside Senior Center, located at 593 Columbus Ave., in order to demonstrate the toll that these annual 7.5 percent increases have taken, and to support A1892/S5699.

Tuesday, May 1- RGB preliminary vote, Cooper Union, 5:30 p.m.
This year, the preliminary vote of the RGB is being held on May 1, which is not only international workers day, but also nation-wide day of action for Occupy Wall Street.  R3 members will be encouraging OWS to help us “Occupy the RGB,” and show them that tenants are mobilized against unaffordable rent hikes.