Letters to the editor, Apr. 19

Going postal at under-manned 14th St. P.O.

Re: Letter, “The Post with the most… problems, that is,” T&V, Mar. 29
I couldn’t agree more with Dave Hensley’s recent letter of complaint about the long wait time to pick up packages, certified mail, etc. at the Peter Stuyvesant Post Office. Last Friday, it took me one hour and 15 minutes to retrieve my packages. While there were three-four clerks helping people waiting in the line to buy stamps, send packages, etc. and those people were in and out of the post office in a relatively short period of time, there was only one clerk to help those waiting in the package pickup line and that one clerk seemed to take forever to locate packages. In all fairness to that clerk, however, I suspect that an inefficient, packages-to-be-picked-up storage system was at least partly to blame for her taking so long.

As a result of the excruciating pace at which the package pickup line was moving, I asked the woman in charge to please assign an additional clerk to help us, but she replied, dismissively, that she had no one she could assign. When I asked her if she could lend a hand, her indignant reply was that she had her own work to do. Her own work?

With as many disgruntled patrons in the package pickup line as there were, it seems to me that any caring, competent supervisor would have understood that part of her work was providing us with some relief, even if it meant that she had to pitch in and help out for a while or shuffle some personnel around to get us an additional clerk.

After experiencing the supervisor’s apathetic, cavalier attitude, several people in the package pickup line, including myself, took out their cell phones and filed phone and online complaints about her with the U.S. Postal Service. With all the people out of work and desperate for a job, how very unfortunate for the customers of Peter Stuyvesant Station that we have to endure the likes of Supervisor Braxton.

Arlynne Miller, ST

The scoop on bird poop

Lately there seems to be an increase in people feeding pigeons and squirrels. Can something be done to stop this?

On the main level in back of 250 First Avenue and on 16th street the ground has a lot of poop. Look up at the trees, then look at the ground. Maybe some signs would help. Please do not feed birds or squirrels. Poop will hit kids, older people; it is a health hazard, not even mentioning the rodents. Some of the people feeding pigeons don’t even seem to live here but throw out large amounts of bread. The birds swoop in for a feeding frenzy.

Please, someone do something about this quality of life issue.

Name withheld, ST