Tenants General Assembly Tuesday at 5 p.m. at Cooper Union

To coincide with Tuesday’s preliminary vote by the Rent Guidelines Board and the “May Day” march planned by Occupy Wall Street, the Real Rent Reform campaign will be holding a “Tenants General Assembly” outside the Cooper Union building.

At the event, which is scheduled at 5 p.m., a half hour before the vote begins, tenants in the community will be invited to step up to the “people’s mike” and share personal experiences with the RGB. According to the R3 press release, speakers will also talk about “the origins of tenant protections, the peoples’ struggles to protect them, and the roots of the dreaded RGB.

“Every year since it came into existence, the Rent Guidelines Board has voted to raise rents, usually to levels that are unaffordable to many rent stabilized tenants,” R3 said, adding in the announcement that those who are also interested in participating in OWS can also “join the march, and split from it at 7th street to join us at Cooper Union, then re-join the march afterward.”

The Cooper Union Building is located at 7 E. 7th Street. On Tuesday, the RGB will vote on a range of possible rent increases for the city’s rent-stabilized tenants.

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