Letters to the Editor, May 10

Community can’t be pigeonholed

Re: Letter, “Enough complaining about ST/PCV,” T&V, Apr. 26
While I agree that the nasty complaining on this page has often been excessive, one letter writer last week chose to see the nasty and raise it, by stereotyping all who complain, and by incorrectly claiming that market rate rents subsidize stabilized rents.

Increasing the number of market rate rents was a relatively recent move intended to “subsidize” the coffers of Tishman Speyer, and now those rents partially subsidize things like constant horticultural work and Oval Amenities.

Having lived here for ten years here (not long by Stuy Town standards), I have things in common with both the older and newer generation of residents, and I know not to pretend that either generation all thinks the same way. I have learned more than once here that it’s best to reach out to others to try to work out the problems that our close quarters can cause.

It works well that Al Salame’s letter was printed so close to the anniversary of Rodney King’s famous quote!

Al Salame should consider that angry or lamenting letters printed on this page are from real individuals, and should also realize that those letters are rarely as angry as Salame’s own.

David Dartley, ST

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