Missing kittens near ST

Shortly after today’s issue of Town & Village went to press yesterday, we learned about two missing kittens. A third that was missing was just found outside of 525 E. 14th St., but, warned local cat rescuer Marilyn, kittens are hard to catch. The kittens still unaccounted for are black and white and three months old.

Monkey (l) and Wolfie (r)

If anyone thinks they’ve spotted the little guys, Monkey and Wolfie, call Marilyn at (917) 359-5032.

Letters to the Editor, May 17

In defense of squirrel and bird feeders

Re: Letter, “The scoop on bird poop,” Apr. 19
Dear Ms. Mollot,

I do not understand why you have space in your newspaper dedicated to letters from people who just complain and complain about anything and everything.

Last month it was a letter from a person – who I bet is a miserable old lady of Stuyvesant Town — complaining about feeding birds and squirrels. What is wrong with feeding squirrels? Doesn’t this person eat as well? I have had several unpleasant run-ins with old ladies complaining about the squirrels.

The person wrote asking us not to feed pigeons and squirrels and saying that poop from pigeons will hit kids and older people. Are you kidding me? Maybe this complainer should never leave his/her apartment. There are thousands of pigeons in NYC, not only in Stuy Town.

I am a mother of three small children in Stuy Town and I am teaching my kids to love and care about animals. We walk around Stuy Town every day and enjoy feeding the squirrels.

I think it is beautiful to have squirrels in your yard. After all, they are part of Stuy Town. I couldn’t imagine Stuy Town without squirrels.

There are more important quality of life issues in Stuy Town than squirrels and pigeons: empty beer bottles on the grounds, noisy weekend parties by college students, drug addicts on 14th street and First Avenue, low-class high school students from Brooklyn that attend classes nearby and use our grounds as picnic tables and to smoke marijuana.

Alice Malhotra-Freeman, ST

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