Letters to the Editor, May 17

In defense of squirrel and bird feeders

Re: Letter, “The scoop on bird poop,” Apr. 19
Dear Ms. Mollot,

I do not understand why you have space in your newspaper dedicated to letters from people who just complain and complain about anything and everything.

Last month it was a letter from a person – who I bet is a miserable old lady of Stuyvesant Town — complaining about feeding birds and squirrels. What is wrong with feeding squirrels? Doesn’t this person eat as well? I have had several unpleasant run-ins with old ladies complaining about the squirrels.

The person wrote asking us not to feed pigeons and squirrels and saying that poop from pigeons will hit kids and older people. Are you kidding me? Maybe this complainer should never leave his/her apartment. There are thousands of pigeons in NYC, not only in Stuy Town.

I am a mother of three small children in Stuy Town and I am teaching my kids to love and care about animals. We walk around Stuy Town every day and enjoy feeding the squirrels.

I think it is beautiful to have squirrels in your yard. After all, they are part of Stuy Town. I couldn’t imagine Stuy Town without squirrels.

There are more important quality of life issues in Stuy Town than squirrels and pigeons: empty beer bottles on the grounds, noisy weekend parties by college students, drug addicts on 14th street and First Avenue, low-class high school students from Brooklyn that attend classes nearby and use our grounds as picnic tables and to smoke marijuana.

Alice Malhotra-Freeman, ST

Greenmarket is a positive addition to ST

In response to Mr. Roth’s letter regarding the greenmarket (“How is ‘special event’ in ST/PCV defined?”, T&V, May 3), I believe the addition of the market can be seen as an amenity to our community.

We now have locally grown fresh foods available to us, at our doorsteps. Councilman Garodnick and the Tenants Association worked with CW and Rose management to accommodate the greenmarket in a fair and reasonable manner. The greenmarket has proven to be an asset to Stuyvesant Town, bringing fresh foods to our community as well as being a social activity for others. If you do not wish to buy foods there, please do sample some of the fresh foods the market has to offer.

Even if the greenmarket is not for you, please allow your neighbors to take advantage and keep this wonderful amenity in our community.

Barbara Bienenfeld, ST

Depressing color scheme

To the Editor:

I want to commend Rose Associates for their diversity-in-hiring practices. Although the Americans with Disabilities Act makes no mention of color-blindness, someone with this characteristic has been put in charge of interior design decisions. How else to explain the jarring clash of colors in PCV elevators? Or perhaps this is the latest upmarket trend, designed to appeal to those tenants fortunate enough to be paying more than $3,500 in rent.

As a true New Yorker, I believe it’s almost impossible to go wrong with black. But cheap and nasty Depression-era black-and-white linoleum tile (evocative of facilities like Guantanamo prison) most definitely does not complement the harsh burnt umber tones of the elevator walls. Even so, the color-blind need jobs too, so once again, kudos. I look forward to more such adventures in paint, wallpaper, and flooring.

Name Withheld, PCV

Contraception’s unintended effects

H. Zwerling (Letter, “No rudeness either, T&V, May 10) questions the statements in my letter (“Contraception harmful on many levels,” T&V, Mar. 29). She deserves an answer.

Medically, contraception does not block the many types of sexually transmitted infections, including HIV/AIDS. This is a real problem for anyone with multiple sex partners, or for the person with only one partner if that person has relations with others.

Contraception has had the effect of reducing the numbers of people entering the work force and this results in a shortfall in revenues needed to cover the entitlements under Social Security and Medicare. The number of active workers per person receiving Social Security benefits declined from 8.6 in 1955 to 3.3 in 2007, and the number of children per woman declined from 3.50 to 2.12. (See the 2010 Annual Report of the Board of Trustees of the OASDI Trust Funds, Tables IV.B2. and V.A1.)

There are environmental effects affecting reproduction and other medical issues because hormones in the urine of women using the pill find their way into sewers and streams. – EPA-funded scientists found this result downstream from a sewage plant at Boulder, Colorado in 1995. Of the 123 fish they netted, “101 were female, 12 were male, and 10 had male and female features.”— A wetlands and habitat specialist working in Puget Sound told the Seattle Post-Intelligencer that “in frogs, otters and fish, scientists are ‘finding the presence of female hormones making the male species less male.’” And sociologically, contraception has led to more adultery (because there is less fear of an illegitimate child), more divorces and more out-of-wedlock births, leaving single mothers with lowered income and children more exposed to poverty, poorer education, more delinquency and, later, crime.

Warning women about the dangers of sexually transmitted diseases, about the pill’s contributing to a growth in breast cells (possibility of breast cancer) and about the increase in divorce, single parenthood and poverty that can result from practicing contraception is not the mark of someone who cannot stand women or who has no concern for women’s health.

Don Murray, ST

2 thoughts on “Letters to the Editor, May 17

  1. Disagree about the green market. Other green markets that are not in plazas or squares occur right along the sidewalk. There is plenty of space along the loops for this to have occurred. The extended gravel area in front of playground 12 is ugly. Putting the green market there is just senseless & in plain bad taste.

    • That “extended gravel area” used to be green grass, the management used to put wood down to cover and protect the grass during the market hours but it ruined the grass so they just thru down gravel and never replanted the grass for the oval and took away a lot of yards of the oval! They keep putting things in the oval like the band stand it will all be gone and they will put up buildings in its place!

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