Dance Parade New York 2012

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Photos by Sabina Mollot

On Saturday, participants in Dance Parade New York shimmied, leapt, skated and pirouetted their way through Flatiron, Union Square and the East Village, creating a rainbow effect from their brightly colored costumes as they went.

The event, which has been taking place since 2006, is organized by a nonprofit organization called Dance Parade Inc. Its mission is to promote the diversity of dance, and indeed the event is always very much like a showcase of dances from dozens of cultures.
Organizers said they expected around 200 groups, 9,000 dancers and 75 different dance styles to be involved this year.

The parade started at 20th Street and Broadway with a route heading south and eventually ending up in Tompkins Square Park. The dance troops included those doing ballet, belly dancing, flamenco and more from African, Mexican, Peruvian and Bavarian cultures.

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