Residents concerned over lack of “Roberts” info

Frustrated over the lack of information regarding the ongoing “Roberts” negotiations? You’re not alone. In fact, a few Stuyvesant Town/peter Cooper Village residents this week have been musing on Facebook about the possibility of organizing some sort of rally to demand more transparency about case. Attorneys for tenants and CWCapital have declined to comment on the situation in months since the talks are confidential. Meanwhile, tenants have been left to wonder when renewing their leases if and when they’ll ever have the option of owning their homes. The chatter over possible action and whether it would be a good idea or not was on the Facebook page of the Stuyvesant Town-Peter Cooper Village Tenants Association.

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Letters to the editor, June 7

A lack of transparency on First Avenue

Maybe you haven’t noticed, but the Stuyvesant Town renting office on First Ave and 15th Street has changed their windows. Yes, their windows are now darkened so it is difficult to see into the store, much like a movie star or drug dealer would do, or anyone else who wants privacy.

I feel embarrassed for the closed and small-minded thinking by management who, by darkening their windows, think that no one will notice what they are really doing.

They will probably tell you the sun is too strong, but the only people sitting in the front by the sun are the future renters, consisting of young college-age students and recent grads looking for an apartment with other roommates, dorm-style.

Seems that management is ok with that; young people doubled and tripled up to create a dormitory atmosphere in the community along with those bubble walls and exotic renovations just to be used by those who use their rooms as a college dorm. I wouldn’t mind that much myself if management would only show them what the compacting chute is so they can dispose of their kitchen garbage properly.

CW Capital and Rose Associates can do whatever they want.  They’re in charge.  It’s their game and their ball.  It could be that older family type people are too few and far between, as I rarely ever see older people waiting in the office (in the bright sun, of course) trying to rent an apartment.

By the way, if you go to the great lawn any sunny weekend, you will see all of they new tenants lying in the bright sun with their beachwear and blankets in tow.  Guess it’s not the sun!

Larry Edwards, ST

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