Residents concerned over lack of “Roberts” info

Frustrated over the lack of information regarding the ongoing “Roberts” negotiations? You’re not alone. In fact, a few Stuyvesant Town/peter Cooper Village residents this week have been musing on Facebook about the possibility of organizing some sort of rally to demand more transparency about case. Attorneys for tenants and CWCapital have declined to comment on the situation in months since the talks are confidential. Meanwhile, tenants have been left to wonder when renewing their leases if and when they’ll ever have the option of owning their homes. The chatter over possible action and whether it would be a good idea or not was on the Facebook page of the Stuyvesant Town-Peter Cooper Village Tenants Association.

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2 thoughts on “Residents concerned over lack of “Roberts” info

  1. Does anyone know who is overseeing this case? and if it is the Judge, then who is over seeing him? as tenants are not allowed to write to the Judge, who can we write to and ask why is this taking so long, and what can we do to hurry them up, would Senator Liz Krueger be the best person to write to?

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