Letters to the Editor, June 21

Adopt a dog from a shelter, not a store

As a resident of Peter Cooper Village and dog lover, I’m hoping that the following information will encourage anyone looking for a dog to at least consider adopting from one of the many animal shelters in our area.

When you purchase a puppy from a pet store or over the internet, it has most likely come from a large-scale, substandard breeding facility where parent dogs are caged, bred as often as possible and live in filthy conditions.  Adopting from a shelter ensures that your money is not going to support a puppy mill.

When you adopt from a shelter you’re getting a dog who’s had both a medical and behavioral evaluation. has been neutered or spayed and has had the necessary shots.

Please visit the websites of these shelters for hours of operation and much more information about the services they offer.  All shelters are located in Manhattan except where noted. Many shelters have medical facilities, training classes, bereavement support and other programs to help you care for you pet.

ASPCA (American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals)
212-876-7700 x4120
424 East 92nd Street (between First and York)

410 East 38th Street (between 1st Ave and FDR)

Humane Society of NY
309 East 59th Street (between 1st and 2nd Avenues)

Animal Haven
251 Centre Street (between Broome & Grand)

Mayor’s Alliance for NYC Animals – a listing of NYC rescue groups
Petfinder – adoptable animals listed on the Internet
If you’re interested in a specific breed you haven’t been able to find at a shelter, you can try breed rescue groups at the Mayor’s Alliance website.

A few laws concerning dogs:

  • All dogs must have a current license.
  • All dogs must be vaccinated regularly against rabies.
  • All dogs must be on a six-foot (or shorter) leash when in public.
  • Dog owners must clean up their pets’ waste.
  • It is illegal to abandon a companion animal. To relinquish your pet, contact a local shelter.

Neglecting an animal’s care or harming an animal is a crime. Intentionally harming a companion animal is a felony in New York State.  Report   animal cruelty to ASPCA Humane Law Enforcement at (212) 876-7700 x4450. For 24 Hour Veterinary Care:  Animal Medical Center, 510 East 62nd Street, (212) 838-8100.

What could be better than giving a loving and safe home to a homeless, neglected and scared dog? Thank you for considering adoption. Good luck!

Susan Huegel, PCV

Yes, we mind if you smoke here

I don’t know if this bothers anyone else, but our apartment, which is above the entrance of the building, receives the sickening smell of tobacco smoke which wafts up and in through our windows from addicts who puff away in front of the building.

Besides potential health issues connected with second-hand smoke, the rank odor of tobacco fumes, for those of us who don’t smoke, and probably for those who do, is pretty disgusting.

Smokers who don’t think cigarette smoke is offensive, besides being lethal, should sit in their bathrooms and have two or three cigarettes with the door closed. They’ll get the idea; and, if they do, perhaps they’ll have the courtesy to stand away from the building in the future while they are indulging this deadly habit.

Frank Zotto, PCV

Thank you, Sen. Duane

Thank you, Tom Duane, for your long service in the State Senate on behalf of this community, the tenant community and the LGBT community. Your hard work and ability to get things done has proven that sexual orientation has nothing to do with one’s ability to be effective in the political arena or to fight for laws that affect everyone, not just LGBT people. You will be missed.

I look forward to reading more about what you get involved in next.

Alain Montour, PCV

One thought on “Letters to the Editor, June 21

  1. I always got the impression that Tom Duane was a one-issue pol and that as soon as he had seen that issue resolved, i.e., gay marriage, he would go looking for greener pastures. He was almost always a no-show at TA meetings and rallies and put his gay marriage agenda ahead of anything else that might affect his constituents.

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