Security cracking down on dog policies

A couple of pooches make themselves at home on a Stuy Town bench on a recent greenmarket Sunday.
Photo by Jonathan Wells

Who let the dogs in?

Not the public safety officers in Stuyvesant Town, at least not for the past month, according to ST/PCV Security Chief Bill McClellan.

A number of local dog owners, both resident and non-resident, noted they’ve been getting stopped lately with officers asking if they’re residents of the property and if their pooches are registered. If they’re non-residents, they may have been asked to leave.

According to McClellan, the rules about no outside dogs have always been there, but they’re just now beginning to be enforced.

While ST/PCV is private property, there has always been public access, making the place a natural destination for dog owners. One dog owner however told T&V she thought the new rule was unfair because it cuts off access to the East River if one is with their dog.

McClellan however said the rules are here to stay and part of the reason people are being stopped is to let residents know that they need to get their pets registered. Once pets are registered, the owners are given information about the related policies, including a 50-pound weight limit. Under Tishman Speyer, the policy allowed for one or two dogs with a weight limit of 80 pounds.

“It’s been four years since this dog policy, and we’re trying to keep the property for the enjoyment of our residents and not just people walking through,” said McClellan.

 Sabina Mollot