Letters to the Editor, July 12

A place this community is happy to call home

In the T&V’s recent article about the arrival of Sean Sullivan as the new general manager for the property, Mr. Sullivan was quoted as stating that he hoped to: “make PCVST a place this community is happy to call home.”

All of Mr. Sullivan’s recent predecessors have voiced the same or similar sentiments. None have actually delivered on it as building cleanliness and quality of life issues have continued as a major source of concern for residents to whom ST/PCV is home or those who seek to make ST/PCV their home.

In my opinion, one of the reasons for the failure of Mr. Sullivan’s predecessors is that none of them since the Insignia days, and for the most part, none or their senior staff, actually calls this community their home. To them, this community has been a paycheck, a place to come Monday through Friday, generally from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., to earn a living and then retreat to wherever it is that they call home.

They do not raise their children here; they do not experience laundry rooms that are dirty and laundry machines that don’t work; they do not have to live next to apartments overstuffed with students or recent graduates, many of whom (not all) think they are still living in a fraternity or sorority house, or next to apartments that are illegal hotels; and they do not have to experience in front of their homes a constant stream of events, particularly loud concerts or Sunday 8 a.m. Farmers’ Market wake-ups, that pierce calm of what was once a quiet oasis in the city.

If the general managers, like most of their pre Insignia predecessors, lived here, were our neighbors and part of the community instead of just representatives of the landlord, perhaps things would be different.

Perhaps the focus would be on quality of life issues and not marketing efforts that are thinly disguised as amenities and perhaps security would not wait four years before enforcing the rules. Perhaps Mr. Sullivan will be different.

I wish him well, hope he is successful in his endeavors and invite him to consider taking up residence in and becoming an integral part of the community.

James Roth, PCV

Window rebate not quite a victory

Re: “Doyle steps down as Tenants Association president,” T&V, July 6

Your article says: “Still, he discussed a few memories of what he considered some of the TA’s most important projects during his tenure as president, including successfully fighting a major capital increase for imploding windows.”

If by successful Al means the measly $300 we got back toward the MCI, then to me, this is not “successful.”

To me, successful means we had beaten the increase permanently. We should have definitely won this case because after the windows (not all) imploded, management came up and drilled holes in each of the windows so they wouldn’t implode.

In this way, the gas in between the panes was released and the intentions of the windows were lost, i.e., apartments kept warm in the winter and cooler in the summer.

Name withheld, PCV

Parallels with Obamacare and civil rights

Civil rights and “Obamacare” are both equal in how the American citizens reacted to both of these legislations. Lyndon Johnson knew that the Civil Rights legislation was unpopular with over 65 percent of the American citizens. He also knew that the democratic south would now become die-hard republicans, since they never conceded that their state oriented confederacy lost the Civil War.

Also the American north did not care for the civil rights legislation. However since the great Lyndon Johnson knew that, he was on a moral, anti-racist and Lincoln-istic crusade, and possibly losing the presidency did not one bit matter to him. Damn the torpedoes and full speed ahead!

Even though the great Lyndon Johnson died, he surely must be very happy and grateful in God’s domain, that the real American citizens have all backed his great civil rights legislations today.

He, more than everything else, won a great, courageous American victory.

“Obamacare” is the twin to the civil rights/Johnson dilemma in that it is only 45 percent favored by the American citizens. However, it is the law of the land, and as was the case of Johnson’s courage, Obama must make it very clear to the opposing conservatives that 50 million citizens will now be given their medical needs regardless of all the vicious, deceitful lies by the conservatives, neo-cins and Tea Party Goebbels propagandists.

Also, in Obama’s lifetime, the real God fearing and moral Americans will embrace his great health care legislation in a true majority!


Louis J. Buffalano, ST

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