Police arrest a man believed to be cell phone mugger

By Sabina Mollot

Police have arrested a man following a spree of muggings, many of them armed, on streets and in building elevators.

Dion Whitehead, 38, of 484 East Houston Street, has been charged with four counts of robbery.

Recent incidents took place on July 27 on East 14th Street.

Those muggings both took place at around 10 p.m. at 801 East 14th Street, when the suspect approached a 19-year-old man and demanded his iPod. The victim complied, and the suspect fled. The man then approached a 16-year-girl and demanded her iPhone. The victim handed it over and the mugger fled.

The pattern, as far as police know, began three months ago.

There have since been 16 recorded robberies and attempted robberies, mostly involving the mugger wielding a knife or simulating a gun to snatch cell phones as well as other items. Some of the robberies took place on the Lower East Side though one took place on East 23rd Street where a 20-year-old man had his phone and headphones stolen.

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