Letters to the Editor, Aug. 9

No place for a dog run

According to the article, “Dog owners bite back” (T&V, July 26), Stuyvesant Town tenant Bill Oddo wants a designated dog area – better known as a dog run – located on the property so that his dog and the other dogs living here can have a place to exercise.

Anyone who’s ever seen a dog run knows how noisy they can be given the natural – and inevitable – barking, howling and yelping of dogs as they play and frolic.

Ironically, Mr. Oddo was a major driving force spearheading the protest against the ice skating rink in Stuyvesant Town this past winter because he was concerned – and understandably so – about the noise the rink would generate since it was located next to the building he lives in. So, the noise from the ice skating rink disturbing nearby tenants was a cause for much concern, but the noise from a dog run disturbing nearby tenants is not?

Having a dog run in either Stuyvesant Town or Peter Cooper Village is simply not realistic or appropriate since there is no area in which to locate it where the tenants of the nearby buildings would not be adversely affected by its presence. Given the fact that every apartment here is allowed to have two dogs, if just a small percentage of the 11,000+ apartments had even one dog – let alone two – and brought it to a dog run located on the property the noise created would be unbearable. In fact, the way that sound carries around here, it would only take a very few barking, howling and yelping dogs to disrupt the quiet enjoyment of their homes that tenants are entitled to by law.

Dog owners living in ST/PCV, please be respectful, considerate neighbors and exercise your dogs in one of the nearby, legal dog runs located in Stuyvesant Square Park and Tompkins Square Park that are situated in areas where the noise and activity won’t bother anyone. Yes, it means that you have to exert yourselves somewhat, but that’s the price that people everywhere all over the city pay to provide exercise for their dogs and not disturb their neighbors. Hopefully, you think your dog is worth the effort.

A. Miller, ST

Doggie see, doggie do

Re: “ST residents now getting written up for dog infractions,” T&V, July 19

When Dogs learn how to read… problem solved.

Marilyn Graubert, ST

2 thoughts on “Letters to the Editor, Aug. 9

  1. This week’s T&V stated that 1,000+ dogs now live in STPCV. Sorry, dog owners, but the idea of creating a dog run here is a VERY BAD idea and one that I hope I never live to see. NIMBY (not in my backyard), thank you!

    • Dogs and dog owners have ruined this community. The dogs at least are not rude — just filthy leaving excrement and urine everywhere. There were never biting horse flies near the benches but not that owners allow their dogs to relieve themselves on or near the benches, it has become impossible to sit on them. Not to mention the acrid smell. Oh, and try walking on the Oval without getting ensnared in a dog leash with an owner giving his/her mongrel 50 feet leeway. But my favorite, is the dog that leaves a deposit every single day in the elevators of our building. The best.

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