Letters to the Editor, Aug. 23

Time for the many to show they give a frack

To the Editor and Neighbors,
Our Governor Andrew Cuomo, according to various news reports, is expected to allow the gas companies to soon begin “fracking” in New York’s southern tier. Many more citizens of New York, through films like Josh Fox’s “Gasland,” have learned that when Halliburton and the other gas companies were successful in exempting this new technology from the Clean Water and Clean Air Act in 2005, the unnamed toxic chemicals mixed with sand, and millions of gallons of drinking water used to extract the gas was poisoning the people and animals that drank it.
Many scientists believe, through examining present conditions and the history of climate change, that we are now in danger of reaching a climate “tipping point” from which there is no going back, not only for our generation, but for generations to come.
As a non-governmental representative for an international women’s organization, I am working with other NGOs to urge the governments of the world to put into place policies for “sustainable development.” I think that by now, Republicans, Democrats and Independent voters realize that our political and economic system has been taken over by national and multi-national corporations who wield their influence for the few at the expense of the many. We are witnessing in our time the mindless destruction of the environment and extinction of species. Population is booming and earth’s resources of clean water are at crisis stage. What can we do as citizens who love our country and refuse to let it continue on its way of enriching the 1% in the short term and ignoring the needs of the poor and middle classes that include the elderly, children, the ill, and the disenfranchised?
What is needed is for local citizens like us to speak out, not only with our voices, but also with our actions. We need to tell Governor Cuomo right now that we don’t want to jeopardize the water for 9 million New Yorkers even though some landowners will lose out. We need to work for renewable energy in New York State and to train out-of-work men and women and struggling farmers in jobs that are needed and have a future.  It is up to our generation to pass on to our children and future generations a world where human needs are met without bankrupting the planet.  It’s a David and Goliath challenge right here in New York State.  I believe that New Yorkers are up to meeting the challenge.  If you agree, please call the governor at (518) 474-8390 and ask him to ban fracking in our state.  No names are asked for, only your zip code.  Go to Google and type in “fracking” to learn more about it and what groups are doing that you might want to participate in and support.  It’s helpful to remember the wisdom of Margaret Mead when she said, “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.”
Joy Garland, ST

Little League investigation off pitch

Your August 16 article “Little League to be investigated” clearly indicates how ridiculous grown men can become.
For instance, a Riverdale press reporter “interviewed a few Kingsbridge players.”
Because of this “F.B.I.-type interrogation,” without legal written proof, Kingsbridge president Chris Navarro is charged with having “ringers” by the president of the Downtown Little League Bill Martino, who “was unaware of that rule” about “extra practice time for his players.”
Unaware, Martino apparently organized tournament activities before June 16, which is not allowed.
This investigation ain’t going nowhere.
When I was involved in Stuy Town Little League, the minor leagues, below 12 years old, pitched from 40 feet to home plate. Guess what? The pitching distance was 43 feet. The layout was in error. I demanded that this be corrected. And the Stuy Town Little League president at the time stated, “three extra feet is no big deal.”
I wrote a certified letter to the president of the Little League and, lo and behold, heads rolled!
Nolan Ryan would have gone bonkers if he had to pitch from 63 feet, 6 inches instead of 60 feet, 6 inches.
Louis Buffalano, ST


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