Shot dog has eye removed

Star, post-surgery, in a photo from NYC Animal Care & Control

By Sabina Mollot

Star, the pit bull who was shot by a police officer, has had her left eye removed, NYC Animal Care & Control said on Wednesday evening.

“She had surgery earlier this week to remove her left eye, which had not improved in recent days,” AC&C spokesperson Richard Gentles said. “Vets also removed some metallic fragments lodged in and around that area. Star had suffered soft tissue, bone, head trauma, and eye damage as a result of her wounds. She suffered a significant degree of hearing loss, but her hearing is coming back and the vision in her right eye also seems to be improving. She is able to walk, play with toys, and eat on her own. She’ll be transferred to the Mayor’s Alliance for NYC’s Animals, an AC&C New Hope partner, tomorrow.”

He added, “We are very grateful for all for the outpouring of support for Star.”

Six days ago, Gentles told Town & Village that she was showing signs of improvement.

The canine patient “continues to recover and receive excellent medical care,” he said. “She’s eating and moving around more.”

As for whether or not the injured pooch was expected to make a full recovery was too soon to say, said Gentles, since Star still had a lot of swelling in her face.

The shooting occurred on August 13, when a police officer attempted to wake Star’s owner Lech Stankiewicz, who reportedly had a seizure on the sidewalk outside a KFC restaurant on East 14th Street. The cop shot Star after she growled and became aggressive in an attempt to protect her owner. 

2 thoughts on “Shot dog has eye removed

  1. Thanks for the update. This is nice but a couple of questions pop to mind. What about re-uniting Star with the owner she had so strongly bonded with? What about an update on how the owner is doing without her? I wonder, did anyone consult him about putting Star up for adoption if she continues to improve? Hopefully there will be stories in the future to answer those questions.

  2. Your description of this incident is simply a blatant misrepresentation of the events that happened. There is video of the actual event that shows the dog charging at a police officer that was fully 15 feet away, and standing in the middle of the street. The cop had less than 2 seconds after the dog charges him to unholster his weapon, decide if he needed to fire and actually fire the shot. There is no question that if he had not shot the animal, he would have been attacked and possibly fatally wounded. This incredible misplaced sense of priorities that places animal rights ahead of human rights is simply an perversion of the natural order of nature. The animal belonged to a HOMELESS person who may or may not be a drug abuser, and since they allowed their dangerous animal to roam free on the streets of NY, could possibly face jail time, especially considering the violent behavior of the dog. Let\’s be reasonable with our sympathies and apply them properly. The cop was a hero, and this dog should be put down, not left to attack a human again.

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