Letters to the Editor, Aug. 30

Bed bug situation is being addressed

Re: “Residents reeling from bedbug ‘incompetence,’” T&V, Aug. 23

I am the person who led the 280 First Avenue bedbug meeting at the Community Center. I would like to clear up a few inaccuracies in last week’s article about it.

We have had at least six known (to us) bedbug infestations in the past few years, not six currently active bed bug infestations. There are two currently active infestations that are undergoing abatement.

There is a bed bug epidemic in NYC, so the fact that we have had a number of infestations over the past few years is not necessarily cause for alarm.

Our cause for alarm was the discovery that three of these infestations took place one after the other in adjacent apartments. Let’s call the infested apartments 14x, 14y, and 13y to protect people’s privacy.
These three infestations began this past April after apartment 14x tested positive for bed bugs and underwent a successful abatement.

Then in June, after getting numerous bites, the tenant in the apartment directly next door, apartment 14y, called management to schedule a bed bug test. 14y also tested positive for bedbugs and underwent abatement. During the course of abatement in that apartment, the apartment directly below, 13y, became infested and is still, to my knowledge, undergoing abatement.

That suggested to us that management’s pest control team might not have our situation under control. So the purpose of our meeting was twofold: to educate our neighbors about bedbugs and to discuss how we might find a way to work together with management to develop a comprehensive building-wide plan to rid 280 of bed bugs now, and to better contain any infestations in the future.

There is another active infestation (unrelated) undergoing abatement in a lower level apartment on a different line.


Name withheld, ST

More action needed on bed bug prevention

Thanks for your recent coverage of bed bug problems at Peter Cooper Village/Stuyvesant Town. Dealing with bed bug infestations has become an all too common fact of life in NYC.

However, one thing that residents can do to decrease the risk of infestation is to stop bringing used items, especially furniture, into apartments. Residents continue to leave discarded furniture on sidewalks and other residents continue to bring these items into their apartments. This is a recipe for disaster. Used furniture, whether found on street corners or in shops, can all too often be a source of bed bugs.

It would be helpful of PCVST management made residents aware of this risk.


Lisa Baum

Agenda seems motivated by greed

Paul Ryan, Willard Romney’s hand-picked candidate for vice president, claims to follow both the teachings of Jesus Christ and those of Ayn Rand. Jesus said, “Love your neighbor as yourself.” Rand, precursor of Gordon Gekko, believed that “Greed is good.”

Her philosophy of Objectivism maintained we must put our own self-interest and happiness ahead of everything and everybody else. I heard her say on NPR that self-sacrifice is akin to suicide, because it is not rational. An atheist, she believed that religion is not rational either, nor is it rational to have public schools or social services because they must be paid for by taxes and Rand, like Romney and Ryan, didn’t believe in taxes. Besides schools and services help the poor. But don’t the poor exploit the rich? Why help them? Altruism is not rational.

Romney apparently thinks Ryan is fit to be vice president, but that might be the “bane” of his candidacy because a Christian Objectivist is like a Jewish Nazi.

Then again, selfish people pursuing their own happiness without regard for others might just be the majority of Americans right now. By advocating the elimination of taxes for all, the Republican ticket is preying on the greed of those Americans who only care about Number One.

Right now that’s almost fifty percent of voters who aren’t interested in whether Romney paid any taxes at all in the last decade or whether he has millions stashed away in secret private accounts to avoid any more taxes. No, they just show up at rallies and smile happily. Remember greed is good and also legal.

They seem smitten with Mitt. Maybe it’s because they want to follow in his footsteps. Jesus who?

John Cappelletti, ST

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  1. Mr. Cappelletti…thanks. Somehow certain types read Ayn Rand at a young age and become lost souls. The Fountainhead is truly one of the silliest books ever written. Made an equally bad movie.

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