Letters to the Editor, Sept. 6

‘GOP and GOPier’ cartoon ‘offensive’

Dear Mr. Hagedorn:
I have lived and raised my children in Stuyvesant Town for the past 32 years. And I have been a subscriber to Town & Village for all those years, enjoying the community news and reports. These past years I have noticed a certain tilt to extreme left political views in your articles and opinions such as the column of Mr. Wally Dobelis. I choose to skip over his writings.
However, I draw the line with the extreme left cartoon insulting (“GOP and GOP’ier,” depicting two men named Romney and Ryan, the Republican Party nominees no less, beating on an elderly woman lying down on the street grounds). This cartoon by J.Meadows is very offensive to those of us that are Americans and GOP’ers.
Furthermore, I am a senior citizen, recently retired and very much involved in the running of our beloved country.  The extreme left has taken over the Democratic Party and no longer hides its goal: to do away with the Republican Party and eventually turn our beloved country into a dictatorship. Those in the extreme left Democratic Party no longer hide their distaste and their hatred toward their fellow Americans in the Republican Party.
Contrary to the Democratic Party, we (the GOP’ers) do not wish harm to our fellow Americans. We believe in our Constitution, our Two-Party system and our freedom. I am therefore asking you to balance out the cartoons you so liberally shove down our souls by printing a cartoon just as offensive to “Democrat & Democrat”iers showing President Barack Hussein Obama bowing down to the King of Saudi Arabia, or telling the American people that “They did not build their business” or how he granted presidential immunity to Eric Holder to save him from being impeached for lying to Congress for the “Fast and Furious” cover-up scandal. Or how he robbed the Medicare Program by 725 billion dollars to help pass Obamacare.
While President Obama is running our nation’s debts by the trillions of dollars each year since he took office and in the pretext  of wanting to redistribute the wealth in this country, he has taken our tax money and give it to his rich pals to finance their failed businesses such as the Solyndra fiasco. Posing as the president that cares mostly for the “poor,” he rubs elbows with the super rich of Hollywood and the likes of multi-billionaire, America-hater George Soros. Oh, and let’s not forget the entire leftist media starting with WCBS, WNBC, WABC, PBS, CNN, HBO etc… NY Times, Daily News, Washington Post, etc… that carries this president’s water in the fear of appearing racist.
I expect my neighborhood newspaper to give me the news concerning my neighborhood and not to insult me and other Republicans citizens by publishing the hateful cartoons of J. Meadows. Have the courage to be fair and balanced.

Jeannette Shuck, ST

Editor’s note: This newspaper appreciates the points made. We hope that the cartoons we run show this publication’s willingness to spoof all politicians and parties equally.

Frustrated over out of service elevators

Dear Editor:
As tenants of Stuyvesant Town in the building at 250 First Avenue, we have become extremely frustrated at the ‘non-answers’ many of us have been given regarding the fact that one of our building elevators has been out of service for over six weeks. Every time one of us calls the residents’ service office, we are told “…the Otis Elevator Company is an outside vendor and we do not know when the second elevator is going to be working again.”
You can appreciate the fact that with new tenants moving in and out of the building (in late July and early and late August), there have been many times current tenants are not able to use the one elevator that is working because of these new tenants trying to move in. None of us have been able to figure out (a) if there a mechanical part Otis cannot get or (b) if there is some kind of paperwork, e.g. NYC building elevator inspection documents/clearance that Otis does not have.
The entire lack of non-communication and having no idea why we do not have two working elevators in our building is most frustrating. It is our hope that you will publish this complaint letter and maybe Stuyvesant Town management might give your newspaper an answer. Currently the only ‘sign’ Otis has put up is the yellow warning plastic guard that says the elevator is out of order (on our Terrace level, as the Mezzanine Level has no signage at all).
As far as we’re concerned, this six-week lack of service for a company as large as Otis, as well as Management’s lack of information, is unacceptable to paying tenants.
With many thanks.

Concerned and fed-up tenants of 250 First Avenue

Following Town & Village’s press time, we received word from CWCapital that the aforementioned elevators are now operating normally.

2 thoughts on “Letters to the Editor, Sept. 6


    Ms. Shuck, The evolution of the Republican Party has often been referred to “as not your father’s GOP”. Two points:
    Now, Barry Goldwater, William F. Buckley, Jr. and Conservative iconic President Ronald Reagan would not be accepted by the present incarnation of the party because they would often cooperate with Democrats (when they thought it was appropriate) and would be considered as being too moderate. That’s my feeling.

    And, secondly, what makes the United States a great country is that BOTH of us are free to express antithetical ideas.

    David Chowes, PCV

  2. I have reported the loose grab bar in one of the elevators in my building several times. This HEAVY, metal bar is hanging on by ONE screw and is an accident waiting to happen. Each time that I have made my report, I was told by Service/Management that they would contact the elevator company and let them know that it needs to be fixed. To date, however, nothing has been done about the problem. Perhaps when the grab bar actually falls off and, unfortunately, causes injury to someone that could have been avoided, Management will get the message. At which point, it will be too little, too late and Management might have a well-deserved lawsuit on its hands.

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