Letters to the editor, Sept. 13

Advice for NY Senate candidate Hoylman

To the editor:
Given my letter, I write to advise that State Senate candidate Brad Hoylman invited me for coffee after seeing it. But when I couldn’t think of a coffee shop, we went for beers.  He seems like a lovely and gracious guy for a Harvard educated lawyer. More important, his real love is for his baby girl, Silvia.
I explained that I wasn’t displeased with him but, rather, the county organization accepting his leap from district leader/community board chairman to state senator sans protest; that, in essence, he just happened to be good enough. My problem is that there is no Democratic organization, no team, no bench strength; like when the Mets had to call up Lee Mazzilli from Double A.
I see these free-for-all primaries as a result of Democratic reform and Mr. Hoylman sees himself as an unqualified reformer. From that perspective, we are left as rivals: After all, I earned my undergraduate degree at Syracuse.  He earned his at West Virginia.
For a full week after we spoke, I considered our chat and sent him e-mail arguing why he would be better off running for City Council in 2013, per his initial plan. He thought that my arguments were sober, but the Senate seat was open now.
But Town & Village’s coverage of the State Senate debate got me seeing things ironically. Mr. Greco, a regular guy, and more physically fit to “bang on desks to get a deal,” spoke like a reformer. He wants to get younger people involved who have strayed from local Democratic politics.
This is as opposed to Mr. Hoylman, the reformer, who, given the way he was hand-picked for the nomination, acted like Tammany Hall’s legendary George Washington Plunkett, who said, “I saw my opportunities and took them!”

Billy Sternberg, ST

A point about T&V toon’s spoof subjects

This letter is regarding the cartoon by J. Meadows (“GOP and GOPier.” T&V, Aug. 30) and the angry letter to the editor that it generated. Apparently the author of the letter is unaware that the Republican vice presidential nominee, Rep. Paul Ryan from Wisconsin, authored a congressional budget plan this past year that, if passed and signed into law, would have privatized Medicare. That is what the cartoon was editorializing.
By the way, the Republicans voted to make privatizing Medicare part of their party’s platform at the Tampa convention two weeks ago.
The letter also directed some angry rhetoric at Democrats in general. Rather than addressing each point, here’s a quote from Georgetown University historian Michael Kazin that succinctly summarizes the general positions of our two major political parties:
“Going all the way back through the 20th century, conservatives try to rally the middle-class against the liberal [intellectual] elite and the poor on the bottom, while liberals try to rally the poor, the middle-class, and the working class against the economic elite.”
If Mr. Kazin draws an accurate picture, conservative Republicans have been extremely successful in getting their way since Ronald Reagan took office. The nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office reports that since the late 1970s, the top 1 percent of earners more than doubled their share of our nation¹s income while government policy has been doing less to reduce the concentration of income. So why are conservatives so angry?
Also, here’s a big thanks to T&V’s editorial page for regularly printing letters and editorials reflecting reader opinions from all across the political spectrum.
Thank you,

John Sicoransa, ST

Farewell to Recreation Dept.’s Radu Ocnean

I found out a couple of days ago that the recreation director for the past many years, Radu Ocnean, resigned.
All the other parents that I know and even people that I don’t felt incredibly sad. He was a face we all recognized, we felt comfortable with the kids in the playgrounds knowing he and his staff would supervise them. He was the most recognized face in Stuyvesant Town and he treated all of us adults and kids alike with respect.
He organized and ran all the tournaments, Halloween, Christmas tree sales, etc. He was the one who lit the Christmas tree as Santa every year. We will all miss him and so will all of Stuyvesant Town.
He will not be able to be replaced. It is a very sad day.
We all which him good luck in the future.

Jim Altman, ST

Two paws up for Adoptapalooza

I have been to a variety of events over the years and I will say the Adoptapalooza event on Sunday at Union Square was so well thought out and professional with an amazing spirit-educational exhibits, the Rescues for dogs, cats, rabbits, booths for pet foods, toys, OEM for emergency preparedness, microchipping for pets, and Petco and their foundation’s support – and their Petco trainers and groomers with good advice. I actually  came early and went back later in the day as well.
Hey everyone, check out the Mayor’s Animal Alliance.
Compliments and kudos to the Mayor’s Alliance for NYC’s Animals – woofstock and the cat’s meow and the rabbits’ carrot.

Gail Fox, Union Square

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