Letters to the editor, Sept. 27

Why management should bring back ST flea

Dear Editor:
As StuyTown and Peter Cooper have a new manager,  I say “Welcome.”
I’ve noticed that at all of  the functions sponsored by them, there are quite a lot of friends present who are not residents. I also know that there are lots of apartments occupied by noisy NYU students and not long-term tenants.
I have an idea that will solve this dilemma: Bring back the wildly popular flea market! This two-day event brought everybody outside, especially friends of tenants!  Even my cousin from Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn (over 90 minutes away by train on any weekend day) brought two friends for a full day of browsing, shopping and  fun.  It was a big event for both kids and adults. I’m sure that prospective tenants showed up,  too. What a wonderful way to introduce a new  group to living here!
Flea markets  of this type are not “low brow” events and do not attract undesirables. It was a stabilizing occasion, one that so many of us miss, my family included.

Susan Schoenbaum, ST

She should have said hello to his little friend

To the Editor:
Regarding the Police Watch item “Lewdness on Second Avenue” (T&V, Sept. 6), which states:  “A woman told police that she was sitting on the northeast corner of Second Avenue and East 24th Street with her pet rat on Monday, August 27 at 9:30 a.m. when a man approached her and started talking to her. She then noticed that his penis was out of his pants. No arrests have been made.”
I have it on the authority of FORIPS (Friends of Rodents, Insects, Pigeons and Snakes) that the “penis” in question was not what this woman thought it was but rather was the man’s own pet rat, Rudolph, who poked his head out because he smelled the possibility of love in the morning with the woman’s rat.
The woman should not have succumbed to penis frenzy and called, “Police!” because if she had simply offered to feed the man’s “penis” with a piece of cheese, she could have witnessed Rudolph nibbling away at the cheddar, kept her dignity and that of her rat, and found a mate for her lonely spinster rat, thus increasing the rodent population of PCV/ST, and perhaps even a mate for herself. This was simply a case of Love’s Labour’s Lost.
Ah, Shakespeare on Second Avenue!

John Cappelletti, ST

Digital dilemma

In your August 2 issue, Chris Hagedorn printed a letter he’d written to his parents 50 years ago. He noted that the letter in and of itself wasn’t that remarkable but poignantly concluded by saying, “It is sad that the digital world will not have handwritten letters for someone to read 50 years from now.” ‘
How sad. How true.
Thank you.

Richard Luksin,
Minneapolis, MN

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