ST ‘purse snatcher’ arrested

By Maria Rocha-Buschel

On Friday, 25-year-old Jonathan Fernandez was arrested for allegedly snatching a woman’s purse in front of 447 East 14th Street. Police collared him after ST/PCV security officers saw him entering Stuy Town a second time.

The robbery took place in the early hours on September 29 when the victim, a resident of Peter Cooper, told police that she was standing outside the building while talking on the phone. At 12:45 a.m., she said, a man wearing a grey-hooded sweatshirt hit her in the back of the head and grabbed her purse, which contained a wallet, debit card, Kuwaiti and Canadian driver’s licenses, U.S. and Canadian Social Security cards, a touch pad and a Canadian resident card.

The woman told police that she did not get a good look at the person who hit her, but Fernandez was arrested for the robbery last Friday after Stuyvesant Town security examined video of the incident and later recognized him in the area again, 13th Precinct Deputy Inspector Ted Berntsen said.

According to William McClellan, the security chief at ST/PCV, officers saw the suspect enter the property and followed him to 23rd Street, where they confronted him and alerted the 13th Precinct.

“Law enforcement arrested the suspect and charged him with the robbery at PCVST, as well as several other robberies in the neighborhood,” said McClellan in a written statement. “The Public Safety officers involved in this case did an outstanding job and this is a stellar example of the work our department does to help keep the residents of PCVST safe and secure,” he added.

(Editor’s note: This robbery was first noted on the Stuyvesant Town Report blog. On the week of the incident, police wouldn’t disclose information on it, citing the open investigation.)

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