Hurricane Sandy alerts re: openings and closings

A shop on First Avenue is ready for Sandy.
Photo by Michael Alcamo

At this time, the mayor has announced that schools will remain closed tomorrow as will after school programs, PAL programs, senior centers and libraries.

During a press conference this morning, Bloomberg explained that there would be “no chance” that mass transit would be running in time to serve the city.

Emergency shelters, however, have been open throughout the city with the current total of people in them at 3,900. The total number of pets at this time is 73, the mayor said, and the emergency shelter closest to the Stuyvesant Town/Gramercy area is Baruch College at 155 East 24th Street.

Waterside Plaza, which is in the mandatory evacuation Zone A area, has been evacuated, although, as noted by the property’s general manager Peter Davis this morning, management can’t force people to leave, nor can police. However, he said residents seemed to have mostly been cooperative after management sent out robo-calls reminding residents that Mayor Bloomberg ordered the evacuation.

Last year, Waterside Plaza experienced some flooding due to Hurricane Irene, and management is bracing for flooding this time as well.

Campos Plaza is also in Zone A. Bloomberg said earlier that the city was running buses into the city’s public housing developments that were in the evacuation area, but that the service wouldn’t be offered for much longer.

“The City is running buses for the next hour or so but that’s going to stop because it just becomes too dangerous to run the buses,” the mayor said in an official statement.

He added that the city had placed flyers, knocked on doors and made phone calls to reach

All is quiet on the Oval on Monday morning.
Photo by Michael Alcamo

people in every NYCHA development since Friday. Additionally, police were at the developments telling people through loudspeaker that they had to evacuate.

Stuyvesant Town/Peter Cooper Village is not in an evacuation area (the properties are situated in Zones B and C though the FDR Drive is in Zone A). However, ST/PCV buildings had hot water shut off this morning as a result of ongoing Con Ed emergency work.

Council Member Dan Garodnick alerted residents via email last night that CW Capital/CompassRock had added extra personnel to the property to prepare for the storm.

For those who have yet to do their hurricane shopping, Gristedes on First Avenue is still open. An employee there said the store was out of batteries, but there was still plenty of water. She added that it wasn’t known yet how late the store would be open. An employee at Associated Supermarket on 14th Street told Town & Village shortly before 1 p.m. that the store had just closed, but that the staff hopes to open tomorrow. Nasser Hashesh, owner of Lenz’s Deli on East 20th Street, said his store is still open for business and still serving food. Since Stuyvessant Town is currently without hot water, employees were heating water “the old fashioned way” to wash dishes and the store just got a delivery of bottles water this morning. Hashesh said the store would probably remain open tonight until 7 or 8 p.m.

This morning truly seemed to be the calm before the storm throughout the Stuyvesant Town area, as photos sent in by readers have shown the Oval empty except for a security officer and determined joggers who still conducted their workouts around Stuyvesant Square Park.

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4 thoughts on “Hurricane Sandy alerts re: openings and closings

  1. So “global climate change” is a hoax — huh? The politicians who posit this are taking money from “big energy.” Sandy is just the beginning of te beginning!

  2. 1. You’re always mentioning Campos Plaza. What is it,and where is it?
    2. I haven’t heard anything about mail delivery. What’s up with that?

    • Campos Plaza is a NYCHA-run five-building housing development south of Stuyvesant Town. Its entrance is on 14th Street between Avenues B and C. As for the mail service, I don’t know, but I will ask.

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