CWCapital/CompassRock: All Stuy Town buildings have power, as do all but four in Peter Cooper Village

The following alert was sent out via email to Stuyvesant Town/Peter Cooper Village residents by management on the latest updates on electricity and elevators as well as knocking door to door to check on residents. Additionally, ST/PCV polling places are open tomorrow.




We are pleased to report additional significant progress with respect to the restoration of utility services that was made last night and this morning.

Electrity & Elevator Service: All Stuyvesant Town buildings have had electricity restored, as have all of the buildings in Peter Cooper Village with the exception of the following four buildings which we expect to have restored by midnight tonight: 4, 6 and 8 Peter Cooper Road and 440 East 23rd Street.

As indicated yesterday, elevator service will be restored in all buildings which regained power within 12 hours of power restoration.

Heat & Hot Water Service: A number of buildings had heat and hot water service restored (please see matrix below); the restoration timeline remains the same as yesterday for all other buildings. Domestic water in Peter Cooper Village will continue to experience drops in pressure as a result of damage to pumping equipment. As more buildings in Peter Cooper Village regain hot water service, the water pressure issue will become more pronounced. Please be mindful and make efforts to conserve water.

Gas Service: Please note that the schedule for the restoration of gas service has been extended from two to three weeks for the six buildings in Stuyvesant Town affected by the ConEd and FDNY shut-downs. Additionally, restoration of gas service for 531 E20th St and 7 Peter Cooper Road will extend from one week to two weeks. This is due to the limited availability of supplies, equipment, and labor needed to make the necessary repairs. Gas restoration will also be dependent on access to apartment homes in order make required repairs and test connections.

We also take this opportunity to remind you of the following:

Voting Stations: Voting stations at Peter Cooper Village and Stuyvesant Town will be open tomorrow. Please refer to the mailing you may have received from the Board of Elections for instructions on where to vote.

Heating Centers: On Monday, November, 5, the ice rink tent will be available as a heating and charging station between 8am and 8pm; the Community Center is available as a heating center for elderly residents from 6am until midnight. Please let your elderly neighbors know.

Resident Check-Ins: Today, November 5th, we once again knocked on the doors of all residents in buildings without power; and the doors of all elderly residents without elevator service.   Elderly residents who requested food once again received food deliveries.

Security: We continue to have additional Public Safety staff on-site, particularly in the buildings without power. In case of emergency only, please call (347) 680-2212. For all other inquiries, please continue to go to Resident Services at Oval Café or call (888) 885-8490.

We will continue to update you regularly.

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