Monday update on Waterside Plaza on ongoing Con Ed repairs and voting place change from Waterside Tenants Association

Dear Neighbors and Fellow Tenants,

I have just heard from Council Member Dan Garodnick that voting for Waterside residents has been moved to Asser Levy Recreation Center.  Voting hours will be the same as at Waterside.  Asser Levy is located at 23rd Street and Asser Levy Place.  You can reach it by walking over the 25th Street footbridge  and then heading down Asser Levy place to the recreation center on the left hand side of the street.  You can also walk along the river to 23rd Street, then make a right and proceed to Asser Levy Place.  Voting has been moved because we do not know with certainty if there will be power at Waterside on Monday.  If you have any questions about voting, please call Dan Garodnick’s office on Monday at 212-818-0580.

Late Sunday afternoon, Waterside Management sent an email to residents telling us that power would not be restored on Sunday because to do so could endanger the lives of the workers and/or cause an explosion.  While this situation has been an ordeal for all of us, I know that we all want the energizing of the buildings to proceed in a safe manner.

Many have sought a more detailed understanding of the problem.  This is what I know.  There are three main types of components involved in the re-energizing process.  The first and second, the feeder lines and the transformers, are owned and controlled by Con Ed, even though they are located on Waterside’s property.  The third is the switch, which is owned by Waterside.  These three component are located in each building.  All of this equipment was subjected to a 5′ storm surgeon the A Level and suffered salt damage that was far worse than first thought. It is my understanding that Saturday Con Ed worked all day on the feeder lines and the transformers.  On Sunday, when they conducted their tests, they determined it was not safe to proceed with powering up Waterside’s switches.

It is my understanding that Waterside has had a team of electrical contractors and electricians working throughout the week.  Sunday afternoon, after learning the results of  Con Edison’s tests, Waterside hired 26 additional electricians to assist with the remediation.

Re the 30 building and the generator, the generator has been on premises since early Sunday morning and has been fueled with diesel– which was not easy for Waterside to accomplish given the fuel shortages throughout the tri-state area. This generator replaces the work done by the 30 building transformer which was damaged beyond repair in the storm.  Additional wiring, set up and testing must be completed before the generator can be brought on stream, but my understanding is that it will beoperational in the next day or two, again subject to it being safe to do so.

As Annle Levy noted in her call/email, this is a very complex remediation with many variables. Not everything can be known in advance; some steps must be done in sequence and some problems cannot be uncovered until a series of steps are first executed.

Waterside Management will keep you informed as to progress during the day tomorrow, as will the WTA. Please do not return to Waterside until you have been told the power is on in your building and it is safe to return. Current conditions at Waterside are harsh– there is no power, no water, no heat, and no ability to flush the toilets.

For those who were not able to evacuate, food, water and blankets are being delivered to the door. Water is available in the staging area of the lobby of the 30 building during the day in limited quantities for other residents who were not able to evacuate, but are able to go up and down the stairs. If it is too heavy, there are sometimes volunteers to carry it up.

I know this has been an ordeal for all of us. My husband and I have been fortunate to be apartment guests of a dear friend, but I have returned each day to check in on neighbors and my pets.  I am as eager as all of you are to be back in my home with the basics of power, water and heat.

I continue to ask for your patience, cooperation and  understanding as Con Ed and Waterside work to resolve our power outage in a safe manner.

Thank you,

Janet Handal

President, WTA

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  1. Just spoke to RCN. They said hey havent been given permission by the mgmt to come and restore internet to bldg 10,20,40. Why cant wsp allow them to come in now that three bldhd have power?RCn can return ahain for 30 later when restored

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