Stuyvesant Town/Peter Cooper Village residents to get rent abatement for days without heat, power

On Tuesday afternoon, Andrew MacArthur, managing director of CWCapital, issued the following email to Stuyvesant Town/Peter Cooper Village residents announcing there would be rent rebates (via credit) for days without heat, electricity and elevator service.

Dear Residents,

I am writing after one of the more tumultuous weeks in the long and storied history of this community. I want to express our sympathy for all that you have endured over the past 7 days and to express my thanks and appreciation for all that our staff has done since last Monday to ensure resident safety and the fastest possible restoration of services.

I know some of you still remain without some utility services and that our job is not finished until everyone is back to normal. As a demonstration of our commitment, and in appreciation for all that you have been through since last Monday night, I am announcing that anyone who has been without heat, elevator service or electricity will not be charged rent for any day in which they were without one or more of these services.

While this last week has been extraordinarily trying, it also highlighted all that is special about our community. Our younger residents kept careful watch over their elderly neighbors and our elderly residents provided us all with an example of how to overcome adversity with good humor and fortitude.   Our political figures pitched in and the various resident groups have done their part. Finally, our staff has demonstrated a commitment to this community that is extraordinary.  During this last week, PCVST showed what it means to be part of a community you should all be proud to call home.

I want to extend a particular note of thanks to the building engineers, Public Safety officers, executive staff, and the many volunteers who helped our community get through the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy. I personally witnessed several of our engineers working, at significant personal risk, to secure damaged electrical equipment in order to maintain safe conditions in those buildings directly effected by the flood waters. I watched as our Director of Operations had a manhole cover explode next to him as he struggled with workers from ConEd to restore power. I am aware of several staff members that chose to stay here and assist this community despite having lost their own homes to the flood. Many of our executive staff slept onsite for the past week, leaving their own families in cold and darkness elsewhere, while they lead the effort to restore normalcy here.  Our Public Safety officers carried over 200 elderly residents down from their apartments and checked on over 500 additional residents at the request of concerned relatives. I also want to extend our appreciation to the Tenants Association and Councilman Garodnick who responded to our request for additional volunteers to assist in our efforts to check on all residents without power and to help with the food distribution efforts. Everyone involved in this effort should be proud of their participation.

We still have work to do to restore services and return normalcy to this community. We will continue to work tirelessly until that job is complete.

With respect,

Andrew MacArthur

Managing Director – CWCapital

Peter Cooper Village and Stuyvesant Town Rent Abatement

Due to the impacts of Hurricane Sandy, we are instituting the following rent abatement measures for all residents of Peter Cooper Village and Stuyvesant Town:

  • We will abate rent for residents for any period their building was without an essential service (electric, elevators, heat).
  • We will abate rent for any resident with a scheduled move-out date from that date until the date they are actually able to move out.
  • We will abate rent for any resident with a scheduled move-in date from that date until the date they are actually able to move in.
  • We are trying to include the abatements as rent credits in the December rent bill, however we may not be able to include until January depending on how quickly our systems are able to be restored.
  • If you have a move-out scheduled in November, please email hurricanerentabatement@pcvst.comto discuss how your abatement will be handled.
  • Please pay your normal rent amount until the credits are reflected on your rent bill.

Where to vote today

Today is Election Day, and along with voting for the next U.S. president and veep, community residents will also have the opportunity to vote for their rep in Congress, the State Senate and the Assembly, as well as Manhattan’s Surrogate’s Court.

For residents in the Stuyvesant Town/Waterside/Gramercy area, the choices are, for Congress, the longtime incumbent Carolyn Maloney, a Democrat, or Christopher Wight, a Republican.

For State Senate, Democrat Brad Hoylman, who won the primary, is running unchallenged after an opponent stepped down.

For Assembly, Democrat and incumbent Brian Kavanagh is also running unchallenged after beating Juan Pagan in the primary.

Judge Rita Mella, a Democrat living in Stuyvesant Town, won the primary for Manhattan Surrogate, and is also running unchallenged in the general election.

As for where all the Republicans went, party insiders this fall seemed to agree there wasn’t any point in trying to win in this district.

Council Member Dan Garodnick, who is running for city comptroller (in 2013) has said he has inspected all seven Stuyvesant Town/Peter Cooper Village polling places and found that there was no damage to the voting rooms. Additionally, they all have power and will be used today.

However, he noted in an email to residents yesterday, “There is no heat at any of the locations, and it remains to be seen  whether the Board of Elections will take additional steps to warm them up.”

Additionally, due to a lack of power at Waterside Plaza, residents of Waterside  will be voting at the Asser Levy  Recreation Center along with many Peter Cooper residents.  So, the councilman warned, voters should be prepared for longer lines than usual.

ST/PCV poll sites:
360 First Avenue
Asser Levy Recreation Center
525 East 14th Street
3 Stuyvesant Oval
272 First Avenue
10 Stuyvesant Oval
283 Avenue C

Residents displaced by Hurricane Sandy are allowed to vote at any polling place, Borough President Scott Stringer announced yesterday.