Letters to the Editor, Nov. 15

Clarification, please, on stock market stats

Re: Letter, “The undecided voter,” T&V, Nov. 1

I read Mr. Cappelletti’s letter and would ask him to clarify one of his 15 points.

Number seven reads “Comparing the stats of the stock market four years ago to the stats today, would you say the economy has improved?”

(Hint: ask those who invest in, or have their pensions invested in, the stock market.)

So I looked at the three New York City stocks that I own or have owned during that period:

Verizon is up 42.0 percent (today, November 8, 2012) since President Obama’s election on November 4, 2008.

Bristol Myers is up 57.3 percent and Con Ed is up 34.8 percent.

More important, at the time of President Obama’s election, the dividend yield was greater than 5 percent for each of them.

So if all of us had reinvested all of our investment monies and reinvested the dividends in these NYC juggernauts four years ago, we’d all be way ahead of the game.

Accordingly, can Mr. Cappelletti please be more specific about the stock market statistics he’s referring to because companies located in New Jersey and Connecticut made money for their stockholders during President Obama’s first term, too.

Billy Sternberg, ST

Not so Ace in my book

Monday, November 5.

Finally, my elevator is working.  I can go out without having to lug things up seven stories (assuming I even can).

First to CVS on 1st Ave just north of 14th St. Yes, of course they will honor the coupon that expired October 31. They understand and are glad to support the neighborhood.

Then across the street to Ace on 1st to stock up before the promised Nor’easter. Ace too had a coupon that expired October 31. Understandably they were closed that day. Would they also extend their 20 percent discount? No… Paul Brickman, the owner answered when asked. Absolutely not! Why should he?

And so I walked up to 1st Avenue to Town and Village Hardware store. They, by the way, had been open just after Sandy unlike Ace.

If it is true that “Greed goeth before a fall” in Paul Brickman’s case, it should. I for one will no longer support Mr. Brickman by shopping at his Ace.

Victoria Birnberg, ST

Editor’s note: After seeing this letter, T&V reached out to Ace Hardware to get the store’s point of view. Over the phone, co-owner Paul Brickman said the store did extend the discount by a few days. “We try to do the right thing,” said Brickman, “but there comes a point where it’s not fair to the people who looked at the coupon and threw it out.”

Thank you, ST employees and volunteers

I’d like to take this opportunity to laud the staff of Peter Cooper Village and Stuyvesant Town. The safety officers were absolutely the best! I’ve never met more helpful, more courteous and more caring people. The maintenance staff was efficient and the repairs as needed were promptly and efficiently done. A horrible situation was made bearable by the wonderful PCV/Stuy Town staff.

Thank you, thank you, thank you to the volunteers who came through the building without lights and with smiles on their faces to check on the “elderly.” One is really proud of one’s neighbors.

Finally, kudos to CompassRock for updating us daily and working to restore our electricity, hot water, steam and elevators.

Marilyn Levin, PCV

One thought on “Letters to the Editor, Nov. 15

  1. Re: Ace Hardware – did the letter writer expect us to take that seriously at all? The annoyance is understandable, but this person has a severe attitude problem, especially when many of her neighbors are facing much greater difficulties from storm damage weeks later.

    A fair thing to consider is that, if it was a coupon offered by the national Ace Hardware cooperative, it wouldn’t be honored post-dated and it would be Brickman, the store operator, that would have to eat the cost difference. It’s unreasonable to expect that as a fair way to resolve this. Arrangements like that have been common for 40+ years now. Don’t be so naive.

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