Letters to the Editor, Jan. 17

Cheers for CompassRock

Cheers for CompassRock!
Or their diligence I shall speak!
They’ve repaired a village in a week.
The fliers and organized way they informed us gave a sense of peace and relief.
Our problems were numerous but not beyond belief.
And we really couldn’t make a fuss.
Lights in five, elevator and automatic gas in seven
Almost like being in a second heaven.
Heat and hot water in 10. Television in 21.
Boy, life was once again fun.
But landlines were always a stress.
They proved to be a mess.
The generators even stopped humming in the night.
Unfortunately still visible in the dawn daylight.
Another rarity to be found
Are tents in the playground.
Soon snow will come over the ground
And hide the destruction that did surround,
And spring will come back with its greens and flowers,
With its winds, breezes and frequent showers.
And all the bad things will be things of the past,
Because we know our misery doesn’t last.

N.J. Glaser, PCV

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